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If you’re looking for the best 9.3x72R ammo, look no further than the list of top-rated rounds. The experts have gathered and tested the most popular options to come up with these recommendations. Whether you’re headed to the range or out hunting, we’ve got the perfect round for you. So what are you waiting for? Check out the list and get shooting!

Best 9.3x72R Ammo

Best 9.3x72R Ammo Reviews

1# Semi-Spitzer Soft Point – Federal Premium CAPE-SHOK – 9.3x74mmR – 286 Grain – 20 Rounds

Semi-Spitzer Soft Point - Federal Premium CAPE-SHOK - 9.3x74mmR - 286 Grain - 20 Rounds

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Federal Premium Cape-Shok Centerfire Rifle Ammunition is some of the highest quality performance-enhancing ammo on the market. You will see a difference almost immediately when you use this top-of-the-line ammunition. federal believes that any hunter, competitive shooter, or casual enthusiast is an essential part of the shooting fraternity, and this is what motivates the company to come up with great rifle ammunitions whose designs play a major role in fulfilling the shooters’ goals. The Semi-Spitzer Soft Point – Federal Premium CAPE-SHOK – 9.3x74mmR – 286 Grain is no exception. This superb ammunition has a bullet weight of 286 grains and is made with only the finest materials to ensure peak performance.

  • Controlled expansion and energy release
  • A-Frame design maintains a longer shank for deep penetration
  • Nose profile withstands heavy recoil without deforming
  • Can’t be good for competitions


2# Solid – Federal Premium CAPE-SHOK – 9.3x74mmR – 286 Grain – 20 Rounds

Solid - Federal Premium CAPE-SHOK - 9.3x74mmR - 286 Grain - 20 Rounds

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Want to take down the biggest and baddest game out there? You’re going to need a bullet that can penetrate thick hide and bone. That’s where the Federal Premium CAPE-SHOK Woodleigh Hydro Solid comes in. This bullet is designed to create a massive wound channel while still being able to penetrate deeply. So whether you’re up against a grizzly bear or a Cape buffalo, this is the ammunition you want by your side.

  • Massive wound channel
  • Penetrates thick hide and bone
  • Won’t deflect off of obstacles
  • Creates cavitation bubble for massive wound
  • May not be as effective on smaller game
  • Could cause over penetration


3# JSP – Hornady Dangerous Game – 9.3x74mmR – 286 Grain – 20 Rounds

JSP - Hornady Dangerous Game - 9.3x74mmR - 286 Grain - 20 Rounds

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Need a tough and accurate bullet for your next safari? Pay attention to Hornady’s Dangerous Game Series ammunition. With only the finest components, this ammo is designed to meet the needs of the serious hunter. Hand-loading techniques and processes are used to ensure each cartridge is deadly and dependable. Pick up a box of Hornady’s Dangerous Game 9.3x74mmR 286 Grain InterLock Spire Point bullets today and be prepared for anything!

  • Accurate
  • Consistent
  • Dependable
  • Price may be high for some



What is the best 9.3x72R Ammo?

The best 9.3x72R Ammo will vary depending on what you are looking to use it for. If you are looking for hunting ammunition, then you will want to find something with a good ballistic coefficient and a high velocity. If you are looking for target practice ammo, then you will want to find something with low recoil and good accuracy.

What is the difference between 9.3x72R and 9.3x74R?

The main difference between 9.3x72R and 9.3x74R is that 9.3x72R is a rimmed cartridge while 9.3x74R is not. 9.3x72R is typically used in rifles while 9.3x74R is often used in handguns.

What are the dimensions of 9.3x72R?

9.3x72R has a bullet diameter of 9.3 mm and a case length of 72 mm.

How much does 9.3x72R Ammo weigh?

9.3x72R Ammo typically weighs between 20-25 grams.

What does the 9.3 x72 compare to?

The 9.3 x 72R is often compared to the .375 Holland & Holland Magnum, as they are both suitable for taking down large and dangerous game animals.

What rifle uses 9.3 x72r?

9.3x72R is a rimmed cartridge created in Finland for hunting large games. Tikka, SAKO, and Krico produce rifles that fire this ammunition.



9.3x72R Ammo is a powerful cartridge that offers excellent performance for hunting and self-defense applications. In this article, we’ve reviewed some of the best 9.3x72R ammo on the market to help you make an informed decision about what products will work best for your needs. We’ve also included some valuable tips to help you get the most out of your 9.3x72R ammo purchase. Thanks for reading!


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