The tactical shoes are very affordable and strong, which can be used as an everyday thing or for long trips.

Best Tactical Shoes - Editor's Choice

The tactical shoes are used by the professionals, police, departments, government, army, and military. The 80 percent of such shoes are very durable for running, climbing, cycling and sports. The sole and cover usually waterproof and protected. These shoes are not used every day, they are strong and comfortable and should help in difficult situations. Tracking the criminal, avoiding danger, quickly escape can only be convenient with reliable shoes.

Why do we need the best tactical shoes?

Tactical footwear is comfortable in all weather conditions, in hot and cold weather, at work and on the way home. You cannot buy these shoes in a regular store, they are special and very durable. The laces are very tight and long, which won’t break quickly. Leather is used only natural so that the shoes are soft and do not rub feet. Such shoes are used for government agencies, official places and services, hiking, and even mountains.

How to use tactical shoes?

Choose comfortable shoes for you. First of all, she should not press and cut her leg. The sock should fit under the shoe and should be comfortable enough. Measure your shoes in the store to avoid mistakes and choose the correct size. The color should match the color of the rest of the wardrobe and clothing. I suggest you get acquainted with the most famous pairs of shoes.

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Best Tactical Shoes Review | Best Tactical Boots | Best Military Boots

5.11 Men's ATAC 2.0 8" Tactical Side Zip Military Boot, Style 12393, Dark Coyote, 12 M US5.11Buy on Amazon
Bates Men's 8" Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Military Boot, Black, 9 X-WideBatesBuy on Amazon
Under Armour mens Valsetz Military and Tactical Boot, Black (001 Black, 10.5 USUnder ArmourBuy on Amazon
Under Armour mens Valsetz Rts 1.5 Side Zip Military and Tactical Boot, Black (001 Black, 10.5 USUnder ArmourBuy on Amazon
Thowi Men's Military Tactical Boots Army Jungle Boots with Zipper(Black,Size11)ThowiBuy on Amazon
Salomon Men's XA Forces MID Military and Tactical Boot, Wolf/Wolf/Black, 12SalomonBuy on Amazon
Danner Men's Tachyon 8 Inch Military and Tactical Boot, Coyote, 10 D USDannerBuy on Amazon
5.11 Men's Taclite 6In Boot-U, Coyote, 8 D(M) US5.11Buy on Amazon
Rocky Men's Alpha Force Oxford-M, Black, 10.5 M USRockyBuy on Amazon
Altama OTB Maritime Assault Fin Friendly Mid Cut Operators Boots (Size 12, R, Black Multicam)AltamaBuy on Amazon
Smith & Wesson Men's Breach 2.0 Tactical Size Zip Boots, Black, 5Smith & WessonBuy on Amazon
Irish Setter Men's Ravine Waterproof Military and Tactical Boot, Black, 11 WideIrish SetterBuy on Amazon
Merrell J15841W11.0 Moab 2 8" Tactical WP - Coyote Coyote 11.0MerrellBuy on Amazon
Smith & Wesson Footwear Men's Breach 2.0 Tactical Size Zip Boots, Black, 10Smith & WessonBuy on Amazon
Ryno Gear Tactical Combat Boots with CoolMax Lining (Beige) (8, 10)RYNO GEARBuy on Amazon
Original S.W.A.T. Men's Metro Air 9 Inch Side-Zip Tactical Boot, Black, 11 D USOriginal S.W.A.T.Buy on Amazon
Reebok mens Sublite Cushion 6 Inch Military Tactical Boot, Black, 13 Wide USReebokBuy on Amazon

#1 5.11 Men’s ATAC 2.0 8″ Tactical Side-Zip Military Boot

5.11 Men's ATAC 2.0 8" Tactical Side-Zip Military Boot

View on OpticsPlanet View on Amazon

The durable zipper closure helps to prevent water inside and damages. The boots include zippers, outer brown cover, military laces, outer protection, pocket for a knife, durable foot sole. The boots can be used for military, army, emergency protection, missions. Such boots can be a part of tactical gear and backpacking. The boots can be used for long autumn or winter. The boots will be durable not for one season. The boots have advantages oil and water-resistant. Suede is not the best material to wear but can be cleaned.

  • closed by zippers;
  • brown;
  • back mesh;
  • used for army mission;
  • can be used for tactical purposes;
  • has upper high construction.
  • doesn’t have a pure look.

#2 Bates Men’s 8″ Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Military Boot

Bates Men's 8" Ultralite Tactical Sport Side Zip Military Boot

It consists of 70% Leather and 30% nylon. Both materials give enough protection from dirty and wet conditions. The laces protect the heal to the up of the leg. The boots contain the shoes, laces, front part, mesh, spikes on the sole. The upper nylon part helps to prevent overheating and warm conditions. One part is inserted and can be easily removed. The boots are used mostly by men and young boys. The boots have a super quality for adults, camping, and nature.

  • combination of leather and nylon;
  • rubber boots;
  • provide comfort;
  • black;
  • urban style;
  • high heels.
  • problems with closure.

#3 Under Armour Men’s Valsetz Military & Tactical Boot

Under Armour Men's Valsetz Military & Tactical Boot

The kit includes two separate boots, zippers, laces, toe, textile, and protection sole. The boots are protected with a box for carrying and it means that the thing is really branded. The boots are long and has a top heel protection. That especially good in hiking and boating. The shoes are used in different cases connected with direct danger. The backside support guarantees stability. The boots can be used in the rapid rocks and forests with wild animals.

  • made of fabric;
  • has textile elements;
  • sole from leather;
  • durable heels;
  • US origin;
  • good for men.
  • not a firm box.

#4 Under Armour Men’s Valsetz RTS 1.5 with Zipper Military and Tactical

4 Under Armour Men's Valsetz RTS 1.5 with Zipper Military and Tactical

The shoes resemble regular sneakers. The branded emblem distinguishes sneakers from fakes. The front mesh helps clean and maintain the boot. The combination of black and gray helps the sneakers not to get dirty for a long time. The shoes consist of a padded lining, sporty upper, straps, and a heel counter. These shoes are suitable for everyday life and the big city. The appearance is not the most pleasant but the shoes are very soft and comfortable.

  • not made from synthetic;
  • rubber elements;
  • medical aim;
  • light;
  • dark part;
  • sold as an import.
  • can differ from picture.

#5 Men’s Military Tactical Boots Army Jungle Boots

Men's Military Tactical Boots Army Jungle Boots

The boot resembles a military-style. The shoe style is the most military and strict. These shoes can be used for training and military use. The cleat features a leather tip, a shoe heel, a high rise, and a durable forefoot. Shoes are available in two colors, light can be used for a holiday, dark for more formal occasions. Leather parts are washed well and stay like new for a long time. Such shoes are ideal for walking in the harsh winter and the taiga.

  • waterproof;
  • army style;
  • flexible;
  • good for running;
  • EVA sole;
  • can be washed by the machine.
  • can be problems with dirty conditions.

#6 Salomon Men’s Xa Forces Mid Military and Tactical Boot

Salomon Men's Xa Forces Mid Military and Tactical Boot

Salomon sneakers are very famous in Europe and Israel. Sneakers are always branded and have a branded logo. The gray color is quite practical and does not get dirty. The fit is comfortable on any leg, whether thin or not. Shoes can be worn by women and men. Inside the shoe, there are washing and care tips. The sole is angled and follows the natural shape of the foot. The structure consists of an upper, an inner, and a rubber outsole just like in a trainer.

  • black with grey;
  • critical style;
  • can be gear for kids;
  • personal thing;
  • good for a long distance;
  • helps moving fast.
  • pairs are not identical.

#7 Danner Men’s Tachyon 8 Inch Coyote Military and Tactical Boot

Danner Men's Tachyon 8 Inch Coyote Military and Tactical Boot

The shoes are completely leather and do not require any special care. The outside is easy to clean. In terms of structure, these are ordinary winter boots with ropes. The insole can be replaced with a new one over time. These shoes are ideal for cold places, mountains, Alaska. Can be convenient for adults and children. Its structure can protect up to the knee. The main materials are textiles and snacks, that can cope with changes in conditions.

  • durable leather;
  • nylon cover;
  • rubber foot;
  • snack material;
  • high shoes;
  • light brown color.
  • not good for warm weather.

#8 5.11 Tactical Men’s Taclite 6-Inch Suede Coyote Tactical Boots

5.11 Tactical Men's Taclite 6-Inch Suede Coyote Tactical Boots

View on BassPro View on Cabelas View on OpticsPlanet View on Amazon

The kit has several parts: leather upper part, sole from the synthetic, textile soft part. To protect the sole from water is used nylon. Extra ait mesh and sock liner give comfort while daily walks or travel. The shoes are good for small towns and little trips with friends. The leather material has high durability. Also, shoes are ideal for running competitions.

  • can be opened for all length;
  • synthetic;
  • small;
  • can be used with wear combination;
  • stable sole;
  • strong compression;
  • not good for everyday use.

#9 Rocky Men’s Alpha Force Oxford-M

Rocky Men's Alpha Force Oxford-M

Every shoe in the kit is covered by the black leather, the material is 100 percent professional. The shoes can be worn for business trips and holidays at schools. The outer part is modern and protected. The kit includes double soles, leather part, inner part, laces. The design is unisex but mostly used by men. The kit can be a gift for a combination of school clothing.

  • leather;
  • water-resistant;
  • metal parts;
  • can be used in the airport;
  • can be covered with oil;
  • strong cover;
  • mesh.
  • sharp front part.

#10 Altama OTB Maritime Assault Fin Friendly Mid Cut Operators Boots

Altama OTB Maritime Assault Fin Friendly Mid Cut Operators Boots

View on OpticsPlanet View on Amazon

The shoes are fairly simple and comfortable. Consists of a pair of boots that are covered with a shell, shimmering logo, stitched front, and outsole. The rise of the heel is low so your legs will not hurt when walking. This is ideal for a walk with friends or as a gift for an informal boy. Design is more suitable for young people than for adults.

  • a long period of use;
  • low hills;
  • good for climbing;
  • can be used in rocks;
  • can be used in the market;
  • is used in US departments;
  • can be used on the boat.
  • don’t absorb the water.

#11 Smith & Wesson Men’s Boots

Smith & Wesson Men's Boots

View on OpticsPlanet View on Amazon

The main parts of the sole and housing are also leather and nylon. The upper part covers the leg well, so you have a small chance of getting sick. The shoes are good for travel and long-distance travel. The shoes will calmly cope with snow, and will not let moisture through. One pair consists of insteps, triple sole, stitched heel, insole, and warm stitching.

  • can be used in multiple industries;
  • construction style;
  • comfortable price;
  • good for jungle;
  • made by new standards;
  • steel cover.
  • cheap quality.

#12 Irish Setter Men’s Ravine Waterproof Military and Tactical Boot

Irish Setter Men's Ravine Waterproof Military and Tactical Boot

View on OpticsPlanet View on Amazon

The package contains the leather part, laces, stitching, synthetic, rubber sole, Irish heel. Shoes will be made for a trip to the mountains, Ireland, Norway, where it is always very cold. The exterior design is very warm and durable, it will last you at least 2 years. There are additional spikes on the outsole that will help not to slip.

  • synthetic and leather;
  • black cover;
  • made by the pattern;
  • has textile filling;
  • is sold with the kit;
  • extra box for carrying.
  • not good for the thick leg.

#13 Merrell Men’s Moab 2 8″ Tactical Waterproof

Merrell Men’s Moab 2 8" Tactical Waterproof

The shoes are made from ripstop, leather, and nylon. The fabric also protects every shoe inside. The shoes are made from US materials which are very durable. The shoes are suitable for warm, damp weather, breathe well, and do not float. Shoes are good for men and women. The pair can be put for backpacking. The sole gives a stable effect on walking.

  • made in the USA;
  • light;
  • waterproof membrane;
  • stable;
  • fabric;
  • closed by laces.
  • noise while closing.

#14 Smith & Wesson Men’s Breach 2.0 Tactical Size Zip Boots

Smith & Wesson Men's Breach 2.0 Tactical Size Zip Boots

This is a standard military boot made of leather and straps. The outer part is protected from moisture and is suitable for very cold winters or snow. Many materials can be used for protection, there is room for additional wear inside. Such shoes will perfectly protect your feet in the army or during exercises. Such shoes are good at the airport and on the training ground, where it is very windy.

  • ordinary boots;
  • laces;
  • boots;
  • black inner part;
  • high heel part;
  • two colors;
  • soft.
  • bad stitching with the sole.

#15 RYNO GEAR Tactical Combat Boots (Coolmax Lining)

RYNO GEAR Tactical Combat Boots (Coolmax Lining)

The ballistic nylon helps to protect from any emergency. That’s a very professional material. The set includes a pair of shoes, light, with a high rise and mesh. Can be used in the mountains and warm weather. I do not recommend wearing it in heavy rain, color may be lost. The front can be detached and washed.

  • light white;
  • contrast with clothing;
  • lining;
  • removable front part;
  • air mesh;
  • ballistic nylon.
  • pressed paper inside the sole.

#16 Original S.W.A.T. Men’s Metro Air 9-Inch Side-Zip Tactical Boot

Original S.W.A.T. Men's Metro Air 9-Inch Side-Zip Tactical Boot

The kit contains two shoes made from nylon and leather, zippers, and inner parts. The heels are very high and visible. Shoes can be used for skiing, skating, winter, and cold. For the summer, this option is very hot. Shoes can be machine washed.

  • 50/50 nylon and leather;
  • visible heels;
  • emblem closure;
  • absorption effect;
  • 9 length zipper;
  • polyester toe;
  • heel support.
  • cheap leather used.

#17 Reebok Men’s Sublite Cushion Tactical RB8605 Military & Tactical Boot

Reebok Men's Sublite Cushion Tactical RB8605 Military & Tactical Boot

The shoes are similar to everyday ones, with a durable heel, double bottom sole, leather upper. The shoes can be multi-purpose in using, for everyday use and official places. The best use was testing by the airport workers, and army employees. Shoes are well washed and do not require special care.

  • 5.5 inches length;
  • sole from rubber;
  • soft support back part;
  • black laces;
  • used for military;
  • perfect for the army.
  • not comfortable for police.


If you work in the police or the service and you need simple shoes to walk around the office and not rub your feet, then you need a simple model, take the shoe model 17. If you want a model that is water-resistant, durable, easy to clean, doesn’t tear quickly and helps you run, you need a more durable model such as the number 7. Professional footwear is not sold in a regular store, requires special care, and a very reliable, accurate choice will help you in a difficult situation.

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