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Personal protection is extremely important — in unforeseen situations, it may be necessary to use personal protective equipment. And if pistols require registration, then gas cans do not. Their functionality can save you in case of danger, and their action will help to avoid the negative consequences of conflicts with strangers.

Best Self Defense Sprays - Editor's Choice

The article lists the main types of self-defense gas sprays, which differ in their functionality and versatility in use in a variety of stressful situations.

Best Self Defense Sprays | Self Defense Spray Review Guide

Sabre 13.0 Oz Home Defense Pepper Spray FoggerSabreBUY
Sabre 3-in-1 Compact Pepper Self Defense SpraySabreBUY
Fox Labs Mean-Green 3 Ounce Self Defense SprayFox LabsBUY
Sabre 1.8 Oz Pepper Gel Defense SpraySabreBUY
Kimber Self Defense Less-Lethal Pepper BlasterKimberBUY
Wrist Saver Pepper Spray for RunnersWrist SaverBUY
Sabre .36 Oz Tapered Pen Defense SpraySabreBUY
Sabre 13.0 Oz Home Defense Pepper Spray FoggerSabreBUY
Sabre .54 Oz Quick Release KeyringSabreBUY
Guard Dog Security 1/2 Oz 18% OC Pepper SprayGuard Dog SecurityBUY

#1 Sabre 13.0 Oz Home Defense Pepper Spray Fogger

Sabre 13.0 Oz Home Defense Pepper Spray Fogger


13.0 oz Home Defense – Pistol Grip Firing Mechanism
Projects up to 25 Feet
Heavy Fog Delivery – Greater Respiratory Affect & Coverage Area
Contains Approximately 20 Shots

The 13 oz Sabre Pepper Gas Spray provides the ultimate protection for your family and your home from intruders. The mechanism provides an extremely powerful mist delivery with a range of up to 25 feet, covering the entire doorway. Like all such remedies, the spray should be kept out of the reach of children. The volume of the spray is sufficient for approximately 20 sprays of maximum density.

  • Projects up to 25 feet;
  • Heavy fog delivery;
  • Contains approximately 20 shots.
  • Counterfeit issues.

#2 Sabre 3-in-1 Compact Pepper Self Defense Spray

Sabre 3-in-1 Compact Pepper Self Defense Spray


Weight: 0.75 oz
Quantity: 1

An improved gas canister from the world-famous manufacturer Saber. Tear gas and invisible ultraviolet dye is the most popular formulation for protective equipment produced in Ukraine. The combination of the inflammatory effects of red pepper with irritating results guarantees maximum stopping power. It outperforms any single-ingredient protective spray. A pocket block with a clip guarantees an extremely compact canister with a clip for increased ergonomics. Powerful 0.75 oz pocket block with clip provides a ballistic jet with superior effect stopping the enemy in place.

  • Excellent stopping power;
  • Free training;
  • Compact and ergonomic.
  • Long-term using issues.

#3 Fox Labs Mean-Green 3 Ounce Self Defense Spray

Fox Labs Mean-Green 3 Ounce Self Defense Spray

The newest model of a gas cartridge containing a proprietary mixture with excellent stopping action. Provides a fast-acting formula with 1.2% total capsaicinoids. Non-flammable and as safe as possible for use together with other personal protective equipment — for example, stun guns. The bright green dye will allow you to identify the criminal, which will greatly simplify his further identification by law enforcement officers. The dye is completely vegetable-based and safe for human use.

  • Patented searing formula;
  • Completely safe;
  • Easy further identification.
  • Application issues.

#4 Sabre 1.8 Oz Pepper Gel Defense Spray

Sabre 1.8 Oz Pepper Gel Defense Spray

An excellent level of protection at a safe distance is a huge advantage of pepper spray. The newest self-defense spray with 1.8 oz Sabre Pepper Gel significantly increases your safety with a 15-foot effective radius. Minimally exposed to adverse weather conditions, reduces hazard and significantly reduces cross-contamination. The new gas can is the same size used by law enforcement and Los Angeles County sheriffs. Protect yourself and your family with the 1.8 oz Sabre Gas Spray.

  • Excellent stopping power;
  • Heavy fog;
  • Extended capacity.
  • Long-term using issues.

#5 Kimber Self Defense Less-Lethal Pepper Blaster

Kimber Self Defense Less-Lethal Pepper Blaster

Stop threats effectively from a distance with an innovative personal protective equipment model. Extremely hot and super effective at close range, with just one or two blows, this PPE model incapacitates an attacker for 45 minutes. Kimber has teamed up with the best Swiss engineers to create a state-of-the-art personal safety device that is three times more effective than the most popular gas canisters. The ergonomic handle provides a perfect grip for almost any size hand. Revolutionary design and superior functionality guarantee.

  • Revolutionary non-aerosol pyrotechnic delivery system;
  • Superior ingredients;
  • 112 MPH delivery speed.
  • Contain only 2 shots.

#6 Wrist Saver Pepper Spray for Runners

Wrist Saver Pepper Spray for Runners

The ultimate lightweight, innovative, and ergonomic design ideal for female runners. Fits perfectly to the wrist with an industrial Velcro strap. Equipped with LED illumination in order to determine the direction of gas emission even in the dark. Reflective piping dramatically improves your visibility at a distance of one mile. Built-in emergency ID card holder allows you to store the ID-number and ID-card. Powerful ballistic jet sprays straight and forcefully to reduce backwind. The range of application is 12 feet, which is enough to provide the necessary level of personal safety.

  • Designed for better ergonomics;
  • 100% product trust;
  • Built-in safety features.
  • Design issues.

#7 Sabre .36 Oz Tapered Pen Defense Spray

Sabre .36 Oz Tapered Pen Defense Spray

The latest personal safety spray delivers perfect discrete protection. Thanks to its unique ergonomic design, it is very convenient to carry it with you. An attractive and compact self-defense spray contains 0.36 oz of high-performance gas for 15 shots. The Sabre Pen Self Defense Pepper Spray uses a cone delivery with a range of 8 feet.

  • Projects 8 feet;
  • Cone delivery;
  • Contains approximately 15 shots.
  • Counterfeit issues

#8 Sabre 13.0 Oz Home Defense Pepper Spray Fogger

Sabre 13.0 Oz Home Defense Pepper Spray Fogger

A key fob from a world-renowned company with a quick release of gas guarantees instant access to your safety device, even when you are driving. The Sabré signature and the .54 Oz expansion with quick-release make it an excellent personal protective equipment. Compact and ergonomic to use, this gas can is an excellent means of protecting your safety in almost any situation.

  • .54 Oz Key Ring;
  • Projects 10 Feet Spray;
  • Ballistic Stream Delivery.
  • Slow shipment.

#9 Sabre .54 Oz Quick Release Keyring

Sabre .54 Oz Quick Release Keyring

The latest self-defense spray offers the ultimate in personal protection. Equipped with the Sabre .54 quick release key-ring and hard case, it guarantees the fastest access to your protective spray when opening a door or driving. Ergonomics in use allows you to use this spray model in the most unforeseen situations. The volume of the spray provides up to 25 shots with an effective range of up to 10 feet. The compact Sabre protective spray in a hard case allows you to significantly enhance the structure of your personal defense in relation to the infinite space of the striker’s imagination.

  • Projects 10 Feet;
  • Contains approximately 25 shots;
  • Reduces wind blow-back.
  • Quality issues.

#10 Guard Dog Security 1/2 Oz 18% OC Pepper Spray

Guard Dog Security 1/2 Oz 18% OC Pepper Spray

An exclusive 0.5 oz His & Her Editions pepper spray infused with the latest 18% red pepper formula. Officially tested for leakage and optimum efficiency. Supplied in an economical 2-piece pack with beautiful holsters and key chains. The lightweight hinged lid ensures maximum accessibility when needed – just twist and remove. Small, extremely tiny, and compact, it fits easily into your purse, pocket, or key ring for a decent level of personal security.

  • Reduced wind blow-back;
  • Extended capacity;
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Design issues.


How long does pepper spray stay on surfaces?
Approximately 30 minutes;
Can you use pepper spray more than once?
Sure, it can be used more than once;
Can Mace make you blind?
No, but it can burn your eyes;
In what states is pepper spray illegal?
They are illegal in Massachusetts and New York;
Can you go to jail for pepper-spraying someone?
Only in a case it entailed serious consequences;
What's worse, mace or pepper spray?
For individual protection it’s better to use pepper spray;
Can pepper spray kill you?
No, it can’t.


Modern standards of personal protection require technological innovations. Thanks to advances in the personal protective equipment industry, new types of gas cans and pepper sprays are regularly introduced that offer superior stopping power.
This article lists the most common types of gas cans and pepper sprays recommended by industry experts. If you are looking for the most versatile models — then pay attention to Sabre products, number #1, #2, #4, #7, #8, #9. The best stopping effect is model number #5. The most ergonomic model is number #10.

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