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Cooking is a demanding process requiring culinary skills and equipment that are often not available due to the wide variety on the market. Sometimes, it is very difficult to find the required cooking tool.

Best Pit Barrel Cooker - Editor's Choice

This is especially true for grilling food — it is very difficult to find the right grill. Meat, vegetables, and other products require attention to cooking technology, which cannot be provided by all types of grills available on the market today.

In our article, we will look at the most progressive types of grills from the famous Pit Barrel company. With reliability, craftsmanship, and the use of the most modern techniques and materials, these grills have long been the standard in cooking. Which of the presented models is right for you?

Pit Barrel Cookers & Accessories

18.5" Classic Pit Barrel CookerPit Barrel CookerBUY
14" Pit Barrel Cooker JuniorPit Barrel CookerBUY
Ash PanPit Barrel CookerBUY
Pit GripsPit Barrel CookerBUY
Turkey HangerPit Barrel CookerBUY
10" Hanging SkewersPit Barrel CookerBUY
Sausage, Hot Dog & Brat HangerPit Barrel CookerBUY
Custom Pit Barrel GrillgatePit Barrel CookerBUY
Ultimate Spatula & Tongs Value PackPit Barrel CookerBUY
Ultimate Steak Knife SetPit Barrel CookerBUY
Chimney StarterPit Barrel CookerBUY

#1 18.5″ Classic Pit Barrel Cooker

1 18.5" Classic Pit Barrel Cooker

At the moment, Pete Barrel is one of the best-selling drum grills in the world. Unbeatable power guarantees twice as much food as other grills of the same diameter. Thanks to the unique quality of the grill, you can cook brisket, pancakes, vegetables, ribs, and many other dishes so beloved by connoisseurs. The case of high-quality 18-gauge steel with porcelain enamel guarantees long-term reliable operation. If you’re new to grilling, this model is easy enough to operate for hobbyists. If you are a true culinary expert, this model of grill always guarantees perfectly cooked food. The kit includes everything you need to prepare barely unpacked food. The kit includes detailed instructions for setting up and preparing different types of food.

  • Top-quality 18-gauge steel body;
  • Upgraded construction;
  • Perfect for grill.
  • None.

#2 14″ Pit Barrel Cooker Junior

2 14" Pit Barrel Cooker Junior

The Pit Barrel Junior portable grill is ideal for small products, taking the efficiency and versatility of the previous model to a whole new level. Perfect for any car, camping, or backyard. You can perfectly cook delicious meats, vegetables, ribs, and much more — grilled food doesn’t burn and cooks juicy and flavorful. Thanks to the innovative technology 360º All-Round Heat Dynamics, anywhere on the grill plane, food will be prepared with the utmost attention to every bite. Despite its lower capacity than the 18.5-inch model, it still significantly outperforms other horizontal grills on the market today. With enough capacity to cook 6 grills with ribs, 1 ham, 1 full turkey breast, 6 chicken halves, or a whole 17 lb turkey — the possibilities for cooking and eating are endless and unique to this compact grill. The kit includes additional accessories for easy handling of the grill.

  • 4 stainless steel hooks;
  • Custom pit barrel grill gate;
  • Shaker set included.
  • Availability issues.

Grills of the Pit Barrel Company

When it comes to grilling, there is no better help than Pit Barrell’s equipment. Using the highest quality materials allows you to create a real work of art — the company’s grills do their job as professionally as possible, allowing you to cook any kind of meat and vegetables without losing taste and aroma. The volume of the tanks is fully sufficient to satisfy the culinary needs of lovers of fresh meat. The company provides a wide range of product accessories to ensure a comfortable cooking experience in any situation — whether you are on a tourist trip or invite friends to a backyard party. Thanks to the widest possibilities provided by Pete Barrel, your food will always be fresh and flavorful.

#3 Pit Barrel Ash Pan

Ash Pan

Don’t waste time cleaning ash from your grill. With professional equipment from Pete Barrel, you will dramatically speed up the cleaning process by easily attaching a sturdy stainless-steel ash pan to the charcoal basket before blunting for cooking. Best-selling grill accessory at your service. This accessory saves you time by allowing you to quickly and easily remove any ash left after cooking. Grill manufacturers recommend using this accessory for quick and easy grilling.

  • High-quality material;
  • Great time saver;
  • Best-selling accessory for Pit Barrel production.
  • None.

#4 Pit Barrel Pit Grips

Pit Grips

Cooking is often associated with burns — but Pit Barrel has taken care of that too. Made from high-quality, breathable, heat-resistant aramid fiber with non-slip silicone inserts, our dedicated culinary gloves keep your hands protected from high temperatures. As light as possible, they provide a tenacious grip and full protection at temperatures up to 350°C. Heat resistant gloves are sold in pairs, one type fits all sizes.

  • Made of high-quality material;
  • Perfect with Pit Barrel grills;
  • One size fits all.
  • Design issues.

#5 Pit Barrel Turkey Hanger

Turkey Hanger

An excellent turkey holder model that is versatile enough to be used with turkeys, chickens, ducks, geese, and other poultry. This device is perfect for truly amazing results and the juiciest and flavorful poultry dishes. Pairs perfectly with Pit Barrel grills — two are recommended for more versatility. Two-piece hangers are ideal for cooking turkeys, chickens, ducks, geese, and other types of meat. The process of use is as simple as possible — even a beginner in the culinary business can handle it. This accessory is perfect for large feasts and family dinners – use it for your own pleasure.

  • Made of durable welded stainless steel;
  • Versatile;
  • Very useful for cooking.
  • None.

#6 10″ Pit Barrel Hanging Skewers

10" Hanging Skewers

How can you call yourself a real grill virtuoso if you know how to cook meat on a spit? Whether you like meat or vegetable kebabs, these reusable, high-quality, durable stainless-steel skewers guarantee a pleasant and comfortable cooking experience. Skewers from a leading manufacturer guarantee almost limitless barbecue possibilities. Combined with grill tanks from the same company, they will be a pleasant addition to your culinary repertoire, leaving a pleasant experience of cooking delicious and juicy food on charcoal. The set includes 4 skewers and storage hooks.

  • Durable stainless steel construction;
  • 4-in-1 set;
  • Totally reusable.
  • None.

#7 Pit Barrel Sausage / Hot Dog / Brat Hanger

Sausage, Hot Dog & Brat Hanger

Do you like to grill? Then you definitely need this heavy-duty and easy-to-use vertical meat storage rack — best for sausages. With these hangers, you can get creative with the unique signature aroma and flavor that your favorite grill brings to your food. The heat-resistant sausage hanger holds 4 sausages and is extremely compact for convenient and comfortable use. Made of robust Teflon coated steel, rotating in an additional plane. When buying two hangers, you get a guaranteed discount.

  • Heavy-duty body;
  • Ultra-compact;
  • Made of durable, Teflon-coated steel.
  • Quality issues.

#8 Custom Pit Barrel Grillgate

Custom Pit Barrel Grillgate

The hard-anodized die-cast aluminum grille acts as a true lens for any heat source. Special grill grates increase and focus the heat of the grill, converting it into infrared heat. Thanks to its progressive design, it has glare protection from the bottom. Effectively blocks food from burning, completely preventing charring and drying out. Conducts heat efficiently. The custom-made grill grates are manufactured using the most advanced technology and the anodized aluminum construction will serve you for years. The grill grate significantly improves the taste of food thanks to the innovative system for removing excess moisture. You can easily control the color of the cooked food – from golden brown to dark, ensuring that meat and vegetables taste great.

  • Hard anodized aluminum;
  • Efficient heat-conducting;
  • Perfect sear marks.
  • None.

#9 Pit Barrel Ultimate Spatula & Tongs

Ultimate Spatula & Tongs Value Pack

The right choice of kitchen accessories guarantees a comfortable and easy preparation of delicious grilled dishes. Pit Barrel has taken conventional tools for roasting meat and vegetables to a whole new level. Get the most out of your outdoor cooking experience with the signature set. A built-in bottle opener is included, so you can brighten up your meal with a cool drink for a truly enjoyable culinary experience. With signature wooden handles and high-quality stainless-steel blades, these tools are guaranteed to cheer you up and your guests up, and your food is flavorful, tasty, and juicy.

  • Versatile;
  • High-quality materials;
  • Signature wood handle.
  • None.

#10 Pit Barrel Ultimate Steak Knife Set

Ultimate Steak Knife Set

Standard tools are rarely taken to the next level, but this is exactly the task that Pit Barrel has done 100% of. When you’re making a meat dish, sharp knives are exactly what you need. Made from high quality German stainless steel, providing a sharp and durable cutting edge with a serrated tip for easy slicing of meat. Excellent knives are extremely versatile. Each blade is engraved with the company’s logo, and the handle itself is made of high quality and expensive wood. The steak knife set is made with a touch of German quality — they are sure to make an indelible impression on your guests.

  • Made of German stainless steel;
  • Durable edge;
  • Serration at the tip of the blade.
  • None.

#11 Pit Barrel Chimney Starter

Chimney Starter

Never again will you have to wonder exactly how much charcoal to use for your grill from Pit Barrell. A starter from a renowned company is specially designed to hold the exact amount of briquettes or lumps of coal in order to ignite a flame for subsequent cooking.
Don’t let the stirring liquid get in the way of the unique, amazing taste of any food you eat. Ideal for all types of grills in the range from the same company. Keep your campfire time to a minimum and cook for your own pleasure.

  • Company signature;
  • Perfect size;
  • Ideally fit any Pit Barrel Grill model.
  • Some types of briquettes firing issues.


How does Pit Barrel Cooker work?
The Pete Barrel grill works the same way as most types of grills — just add hot coals in the bottom of the structure, then attach the grate or skewers on top — that’s it, the device is completely ready for cooking meat and vegetables.
What temp does Pit Barrel Cooker at?
Up to 350°C.
How to start Pit Barrel Cooker?
Coals preheated to the required temperature are poured into the bottom of the device.
How to use Pit Barrel Cooker?
You can use these grill models for cooking meat and vegetables — place them on the grill rack or string on skewers and set over hot coals.
Does Pit Barrel Cooker is a good beginner smoker?
There is practically no smoke when cooking, which is extremely convenient when cooking in summer kitchens or near camping tents.
What is a Pit Barrel? (Grill or Smoker)?
This is a professional and progressive grill.
How much do the Pit Barrel Cooker and Pit Barrel Junior weigh?
PBC weight is 57 pounds, PBJ model weight is only 32,7 pounds
Is the Pit Barrel portable?
Yes, it’s very comfortable for transporting using the usual car.
Why doesn't Pit Barrel have a thermometer?
It has an optimal cooking temperature, so it’s not necessary to use a thermometer.
Should I get a PBC or a PBJ? I can't choose!
PBC is suitable for cooking large amounts of meat or vegetables while PBJ is more compact for comfortable use
What are the capacities of the Pit Barrel models?
It’s able to cook 8 racks of ribs, 2-3 pork butts/shoulders. With special Turkey Hangers, it allows us to cook 2 good size birds.
How do I light my Pit Barrel?
It is recommended to use standard charcoal briquettes or lumps of charcoal. For ignition, the company offers a special starter, designed with great attention to safety.
How much charcoal do I use? Do I need to add any along the way?
All grill models have pre-defined charcoal baskets for the ideal amount of fuel for cooking meat. Approximately, this amount is 8 pounds and 4 pounds respectively for PBC and PBJ.
The PBJ uses less charcoal. It doesn't burn out faster?
Thanks to the unique design, even with less coal, the temperature is still sufficient for cooking.
Can the coals be snuffed out and saved for a later cook?
The grill design is as close as possible to a conventional kitchen stove. Due to its lightness and convenience, you can determine the amount of required fuel by eye and put out the coals at any convenient time.
Can I add wood chips for flavor?
To add extra flavor to your food, you can add extra wood chips.
Do I need to add a water pan?
No, the unique design of the grill does not require a special water tray — all liquid drips directly onto the coals and evaporates during cooking.
Do I have to hang everything?
It all depends on your personal preference. If you want to hang the meat on a hook, hang it up. All grills can be equipped with a hanging grill grate for hanging meat and grilling at the same time, and you can also purchase a skewer of meat and vegetables for barbecue in Brazilian style.
At what temperature does the Pit Barrel run?
It runs at a temperature between 275 and 310 degrees.
Can I cook multiple foods at the same time?
Yes, you can. Just use additional accessories for cooking, provided via our online shop assortment.
Can I cook fish in my Pit Barrel?
Sure, you can. It’s highly recommended to use the special grate for fish.
Does the Pit Barrel get hot enough to sear a steak?
Yes, they do. Also, it’s recommended to use Custom GrillGates for a better result.
Can I use the Pit Barrel in the winter?
Yes, they greatly work in all weather conditions.
Why is the inside of my cooker flaking? Is it safe?
If you notice flaking inside the grill, don’t worry. It’s just peeling and it’s completely safe. If desired, you can use a regular spatula or washcloth to remove the build-up.
Can I hang the meat and grill at the same time?
Yes, by using Hinged Grill Grateю
What are the advantages of Skewers?
Thanks to their use, it is possible to significantly increase the capacity of the grill for cooking more food. Additionally, it allows convection heat to work wonders by infusing dishes with a distinctive aroma.

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