Hunting is a favorite pastime for many people. High-quality hunting uniforms are highly valued by amateurs and professionals because it is the reliability of the equipment that determines the success of the outing for the next trophies.

Best Headlamp for Hunting - Editor's Choice

In our article, we have listed the most high-quality and popular types of hunting lighting. Lighting is extremely important, as many animals are only shown at night. Most often, hunters use headlamps — and it is they who are under the sight. Consider which ones are best suited for hunting in the dark, and which ones are ideal for hunting trips at dusk or just bad, cloudy weather.

TOP-15 Headlamp for Hunting

Wicked Hunting Lights ScanPro iC 3-Color-In-1 Night Hunting HeadlampWicked HuntingBUY
Browning Pro Hunter Maxus HeadlampBrowningBUY
Wicked Hunting Lights A67iC Night Hunting LightWicked HuntingBUY
Wicked Hunting W403iC Deluxe Night Hunting Light KitWicked HuntingBUY
BORUiT RJ-3000 LED Green HeadlampBORUiTBUY
Super Bright LED Headlamp FlashlampSuper Bright BUY
OLIDEAR Led Headlamp for Camping, Hunting, FishingOLIDEARBUY
WindFire Hunting Headlight XML-T6WindFireBUY
WindFire Green Light Hunting HeadlampWindFireBUY
Topme Red Light Headlamp USB RechargeableTopmeBUY
MiXXAR Led Headlamp Ultra Bright HeadlightMiXXARBUY
Kohree 4400mAh Dimmable LED Miner HeadlampKohreeBUY
IKAAMA Brightest Headlamp USB RechargeableIKAAMABUY
Outdoot Pro Gear Pink Camo LED HeadlampOutdoot Pro GearBUY
Outdoor Pro Gear Lighthouse Beacon 1000 LED HeadlampOutdoor Pro GearBUY

#1 Wicked Hunting Lights ScanPro iC 3-Color-In-1 Night Hunting Headlamp

Wicked Hunting Lights ScanPro iC 3-Color-In-1 Night Hunting Headlamp

Take hunting to a whole new level with a complete set of headlamps from the world’s most renowned manufacturer. Innovative Wicked Hunting Lights headlamps feature high magnification glass, ideal for extreme focusing and light distribution. This headlamp has a convenient front control panel and is easy to operate with just one hand. Dramatically reduce the scattering of peripheral light from the tainted image with this multi-function tool. Stay alert all night long with state-of-the-art night hunting headlamps with three different color modes to choose from (Green, Red, White).

Video review

  • Full intensity control;
  • Rubberized halo shield;
  • Water-resistant.
  • Weight.

#2 Browning Pro Hunter Maxus Headlamp

Browning Pro Hunter Maxus Headlamp

The latest headlamp design combines incredible power into a headlamp to deliver exceptional results for any number of applications. The headlamp of this model will become real salvation when hunting at night, on a hike, or during the next power outage in the house. A hunting lantern can be a distinctive feature of a lantern at any moments of tourist outings – whether it is a regular trip to nature, when you just want to retire and read a book, set up equipment, or do other things in the evening twilight, or on a real hunt, when the bright direct light is very important in order not to lose sight of prey. The headlamp provides extremely powerful illumination with 80 lumens in standard mode or plus 6-8 lumens in green or red lighting. Ideal for any task a hunter faces in the dark.

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  • 100 000 hours LED battery life;
  • Ultralight and ultratough polymer housing construction;
  • Comfortable elastic headband.
  • Quality issues.

#3 Wicked Hunting Lights A67iC Night Hunting Light

Wicked Hunting Lights A67iC Night Hunting Light

The newest flashlight for the real hunter is a professional, high-power, long-range searchlight designed especially for night hunting trips. The unique combination of shooting light and scanning lamp provides all the conditions for a successful hunt. The patented 3-in-1 design allows you to quickly change the light from green to red and white with a simple twist of a knob. The pivoting design with a central axis allows all three colored LEDs to be centered on the bezel without causing the impact point to shift like other multi-LED flashlights. The manufacturer provides a 3-year warranty.

  • No adjustment required;
  • High-quality internal electronics;
  • Completely water-resistant.
  • Controls issues.

#4 Wicked Hunting W403iC Deluxe Night Hunting Light Kit

Wicked Hunting W403iC Deluxe Night Hunting Light Kit

This flashlight model has an extended range and is specially designed for night hunting. The kit comes with green, white, and red-light intensity control LEDs. The LED unit comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. The intensity control design allows you to tune the light directly to any desired intensity level. The dimmer design allows you to infinitely dim the lighting. The scope of delivery includes a tail cap to control the force of the coiled cord for when you need to attach the flashlight to the weapon. Built-in patented scan and kill technology allows direct beam alignment from the exit point to flow direction. A detachable faceplate provides full access to the LED module, so the color can be quickly changed if desired. The functionality is complemented by an adjustable zoom focus for full control of light output in cases where the minimum light is needed — for example, when tracking prey for a long time.

  • Water-resistant;
  • Interchangeable LED design;
  • T6 aircraft-grade aluminum body.
  • Quality issues.

#5 BORUiT RJ-3000 LED Green Headlamp

BORUiT RJ-3000 LED Green Headlamp

Ultra-bright hunting headlamp with white and green LEDs and a maximum brightness of 5000 lumens. Complement your travel arsenal with this unique product and make your active lifestyle much easier with high-quality and functional lighting. The redesigned design features an updated micro-USB charging interface, allowing it to be charged from any available power source. The angle of view of the light is fully adjustable so you won’t get lost in easy adjustments. The flashlight has 3 lighting modes — high white light, low white light green light. Each lighting mode is ideal for situations. Products are covered by a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Video review

  • Ultra-bright lighting;
  • Greenlight headlamp;
  • 3 lighting modes.
  • Battery issues.

#6 Super Bright LED Headlamp Flashlamp

Super Bright LED Headlamp Flashlamp

The latest model of the headlamp from the world’s most famous manufacturer guarantees pleasant and bright lighting for your night hunting. The innovative design makes it easy to manipulate the brightness and scale settings. The standard brightness level is 9500 lux. The flashlight has three different brightness levels and provides enough bright light to illuminate the required space while hunting. Powered by three standard AA batteries. Thanks to the use of the most advanced materials and components, the specialists of the developer company managed to achieve unique results in the brightness and quality of lighting. Night hunting has never been associated with such high-quality equipment – thanks to the bright light of the flashlight, you will accurately track your prey at any time of the day.

  • Adjustable magnifying lens;
  • 3 different brightness settings;
  • Works on regular AA batteries.
  • Brightness issues.

#7 OLIDEAR Led Headlamp for Camping, Hunting, Fishing

OLIDEAR Led Headlamp for Camping, Hunting, Fishing

The latest professional-grade LED headlamp provides high brightness and quality lighting for hunters. The powerful LED floodlight is housed in a high-quality aircraft-grade aluminum housing that guarantees illumination up to 800 meters away. Convenient settings – just one button for 2 lighting modes. The built-in high capacity lithium-ion battery guarantees 6-8 hours full power illumination, 20 hours low light mode. The lamp life is 100,000 hours. The excellent ergonomic design ensures that the lamp can be easily rotated in the desired direction. The lamp construction is completely waterproof. A perfect spotlight for outdoor activities.

Video review

  • Completely waterproof;
  • 100000 hours of work on a single battery charge;
  • Comfortable and elastic headband.
  • Quality issues.

#8 WindFire Hunting Headlight XML-T6

WindFire Hunting Headlight XML-T6

Newest model of hunting lanterns using unfiltered Cree XML-T6 red LED light, which is much brighter than other lanterns. The brightness of the light can reach 600 lumens in bright light mode. The product is equipped with an adjustable focus, so you can zoom out the hunting lamp at any time for use as a full-size searchlight — the illumination range can reach 300 yards. This headlamp model works with 1 or 2 rechargeable batteries supplied. The head tilt angle is easily adjustable within 90º. Also, you can choose one of the lighting modes – bright, low lighting, or strobe.

  • 600 lumens light;
  • Adjustable focus;
  • USB rechargeable headlight.
  • Fire hazard.

#9 WindFire Green Light Hunting Headlamp

WindFire Green Light Hunting Headlamp

Innovative development of the world’s most famous manufacturer. Provides a stable light output of 350 lumens without filtering, while the illumination range reaches 250 yards. The case is completely waterproof and made of high quality, abrasion-resistant aluminum alloy. Waterproof, anti-abrasion, compact, this flashlight is the perfect hunting companion. The head tilt angle is easily adjustable within 90 degrees. Simple and ergonomic controls make it easy to change lighting settings at any time. This hunting flashlight model works with 1 or 2 rechargeable batteries. A charger is included in the delivery.

  • 350 lumens unfiltered green light;
  • Adjustable head angle;
  • Traveling charger included.
  • Quality issues.

#10 Topme Red Light Headlamp USB Rechargeable

Topme Red Light Headlamp USB Rechargeable

Superb model headlamp with quality LED red light. Ideal for most indoor environments, home maintenance, outdoor activities such as fishing or hunting. Equipped with a red-light IR sensor. Convenient ergonomic settings can be easily changed by simply pressing the corresponding keys on the case. The power source is 2 x 18650 lithium-ion batteries (supplied). Provides 3 different lighting modes — focus increase and decrease, quick brightness adjustments, and lighting angle decrease up to 60 °. The proprietary design is equipped with a special belt clip in case you need to use the lamp as a bicycle lamp. The red LED headlights can be easily adjusted using the tape. The swivel head can be rotated 90° for ease of use in any situation.

  • High red light;
  • Zoomable with 3 light modes;
  • Adjustable and portable.
  • Not waterproof.

#11 MiXXAR Led Headlamp Ultra Bright Headlight

MiXXAR Led Headlamp Ultra Bright Headlight

An extremely bright headlamp with an impressive 12,000 lumens of illumination is the perfect addition to your hunting arsenal. It is charged via USB, providing a long service life — more than 500,000 hours. The user can choose from 4 different light switching modes. The design is completely waterproof, the degree of protection is IP64. The lantern can withstand harsh weather conditions with ease, ideal for rain and snow. An excellent choice for outdoor activities such as running, hiking, fishing, and hunting. It is quickly and easily adjusted using the buttons on the body, and thanks to the adjustable headband, the headlamp is very comfortable to wear even for many hours.

  • Super bright 12000 lumens light;
  • 4 light switch modes;
  • Completely waterproof.
  • Counterfeit batteries.

#12 Kohree 4400mAh Dimmable LED Miner Headlamp

Kohree 4400mAh Dimmable LED Miner Headlamp

Hunting headlamp using high-quality 8-watt Kree LED. The lighting range is reached at an impressive 500 meters. 4 lighting modes especially for hunting, coal mining, night fishing, camping, hiking, cycling. The construction is completely waterproof — IP68 protection class. The rechargeable lithium battery with a capacity of 4400mAh ensures long runtime. Comes with a home charger. The manufacturer provides high-quality round-the-clock technical support for users and a 100% guarantee for all products.

  • High power 8W Cree LED;
  • Dimmable super bright LED headlight;
  • IP68 waterproof.
  • Quality issues.

#13 IKAAMA Brightest Headlamp USB Rechargeable

IKAAMA Brightest Headlamp USB Rechargeable

Made of durable aluminum alloy, this headlamp delivers the highest quality light with 6,000 lumens. Provides 4 different backlight modes, easily adjustable using buttons on the device body. The case is waterproof and withstands the harshest weather conditions. Waterproof class — IPX5. The adjustable headlamp straps ensure maximum comfort in any situation. The flashlight weighs just over half a pound, making it an ideal choice for extended hunting or fishing trips. The package includes 1 LED safety light, 2 lithium-ion 18650 batteries, 6 buckles for attaching to a helmet or helmet, 1 DC power adapter, and 1 USB charging cable. The manufacturer guarantees technical support for all buyers.

Video review

  • Aluminum alloy corpus;
  • Super bright bulbs;
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Battery life issues.

#14 Outdoot Pro Gear Pink Camo LED Headlamp

Outdoot Pro Gear Pink Camo LED Headlamp

Get crystal clear visibility with one of the brightest and most reliable headlamps on the market today. The device is so comfortable to wear that you will simply forget about it in a few minutes after putting it on. 3 soft and elastic straps fit perfectly on the head and do not slip at all. For power supply, standard AA batteries or rechargeable batteries are used — choose the method that will be convenient for you. The battery life on a single charge is an impressive 30 hours. The headlamp is very bright and has a special lens that magnifies the light and distributes it evenly. An excellent device for outdoor activities. If you have any problems with the device, just inform the technical support service and we will easily replace it within a year after purchase.

  • Comfortable for use;
  • Crystal clear visibility;
  • Run time is 30 hours on a single battery charge.
  • Adjustments issues.

#15 Outdoor Pro Gear Lighthouse Beacon 1000 LED Headlamp

Outdoor Pro Gear Lighthouse Beacon 1000 LED Headlamp

This headlamp model is equipped with a unique large magnifying lens that makes the light from the headlamp extremely bright and powerful. The innovative design makes it easy to adjust the lighting scale. The brightness of 9500 lux and three different brightness levels guarantee a flexible setting and sufficient illumination for excellent visibility even in the pitch darkness of a night forest.
Powered by three standard AA batteries. An ideal choice for outdoor activities.

Video review

  • 9500 lux light;
  • Uses 3 regular AA batteries;
  • Comfortable to use.
  • Adjustments issues.


How many lumens do I need for hunting headlamp?
300-400 will be enough
What is the most powerful hunting headlamp?
#11. 12 000 lumens will be more, than needed, for the best result.


Lighting while hunting is the key to controlling the situation. If you are tracking your prey in pitch darkness, a quality flashlight can be your main assistant on the way to replenish your hunting trophies. Thanks to the use of modern LED lighting devices, the hunting headlamps guarantee excellent illumination in all weather conditions. Our top contains the most innovative headlamp models from the world’s leading manufacturers. If you are looking for the brightest models — then get #5 and #11. Looking for the most reliable and weather-resistant flashlights — look at models #12 and #13. The most versatile models in the list are #4, #7 and #10.

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