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Both men and women prefer a Glock 43 for everyday self-defense. This subcompact pistol is easy and comfortable to conceal on the body due to its small size (shorter than the hand length), low weight, and slimness (only 1.02 in width).

Best Glock 43 Holster - Editor's Choice

A correctly chosen holster will help feel all these benefits and minimize the time for getting used to a Glock 43.

Why do we need a Glock 43 holster?

The Glock 43 is a 9mm single stuck, superb gun for carrying that may be snappier than the fuller sized pistols. The Glock 43 is a reliable CCW pistol with great ergonomics, and can be concealed and carried even in the pocket, but only with a holster because of the light trigger of a Glock. The Glock 43 is the best gun, suitable for deep hiding; it is unnoticeable in a good holster.

Table of Contents

TOP-20 Glock 43 Holster

Galco Kingtuk IWB HolsterGalcoBUY
Comp-Tac International Outside The Waistband HolsterComp-Tac InternationalBUY
Blackhawk Serpa CQC Concealment Holster with Matte FinishBlackhawkBUY
Fobus Evolution HolsterFobusBUY
Galco Tuck-N-Go Inside The Pant HolsterGalcoBUY
Comp-Tac Infidel Ultra Max Inside The Waistband Concealed Carry HolsterComp-TacBUY
DeSantis Mini Scabbard Holster for GlocksDeSantisBUY
Weber Tactical Trifecta Concealment HolsterWeber TacticalBUY
Hazmat Holster Works NV3 Ambidextrous IWB /A Kydex HolsterHazmatBUY
Alien Gear Holsters ShapeShift Appendix Carry HolsterAlien GearBUY
DeSantis Thumb Break Mini Slide Belt HolstersDeSantisBUY
BlackHawk T-Series L2C Compact HolsterBlackHawkBUY
Tagua Quick Draw Belt Holster for GlockTaguaBUY
CrossBreed Holsters SuperTuck IWB HolsterCrossBreedBUY
UM Tactical IWB HolsterUM TacticalBUY
Comp-Tac OWB Concealed Kydex Warrior HolsterComp-TacBUY
C&G Holsters IWB Tactical Kydex HolsterC&GBUY
Safariland Model 578 7TS GLS Pro-Fit Glock HolsterSafarilandBUY
Galco Fletch High Ride Belt HolsterGalcoBUY
Gould & Goodrich 802 Two Slot Pancake HolsterGould & GoodrichBUY

#1 Galco Kingtuk IWB Holster

Galco Kingtuk IWB Holster

Galco Kingtuk IWB Holster is produced of lined saddle leather for a backing plate, Napa leather for a front part, and a hard Kydex sheath pocket with open bottom, and a raised sweat guard. This IWB Holster is worn inside the belt, due to the holes in the leather it can be adjusted up or down allowing the owner to set a convenient carrying angle and height. 1.5 inches Ultimate Stealth clips and UniClips are included. Kingtuk IWB Holsters by Galco ensure a simple holstering and prompt gun draw.

  • Removable metal clips to customize the holster with tuckable polymer belt clips;
  • Premium steer hide construction, using hybrid Kydex;
  • Conceals full-size Glock;
  • Easy to take holster on and off;
  • Smooths and speeds draw.
  • Retention could be a bit better;
  • Screws often back out;
  • Waistband clips are obvious to a trained eye.

#2 Comp-Tac International Outside The Waistband Holster

Comp-Tac International Outside The Waistband Holster

Comp-Tac International developed external belt holsters suitable for Daily Carrying, Range shooting, and Competition, represented in 105 models, which vary depending on gun makers and their models (among them Glock 43, 40, 19, 23, 32, 17, 22, 31, 41, 20, 21SF, 48, 26, 27, 28, 33) that will be carried in these sheaths, can be for right or left hand. The included accessories are the same for all models: Paddle, Waistband, and Drop Off-Set Mount Kit. There is an option of retention adjustment for tightening or loosening the holster hold on the pistol. Due to 8 mounting holes straight and speed draw, an FBI cant, or a cross draw rearward cant can be adjusted.

  • Molded from Kydex;
  • Completely regulable waistband holster has 3 fixing options – belt mount, paddle attaching, or drop-offset fixing;
  • Smooth, fast drawing and reliable one-handed gun reholstering any time;
  • Impermeable to solvents and sweat;
  • Finished with moisture repellant;
  • Strong adjustable retention;
  • Holds the gun well.
  • Not concealable;
  • Damaged gun: wears the gun slide;
  • Larger than it should be;
  • Poor fit and finish.

#3 Blackhawk Serpa CQC Concealment Holster with Matte Finish

Blackhawk Serpa CQC Concealment Holster with Matte Finish

The Blackhawk designed Serpa CQC Low Profile Holsters with an auto-lock release to provide the shooters with an effortless re-holster, a smooth draw, and security while gun storage. CQC Concealment Holsters are made of injection-molded material with a matte finish and SERPA closure. Blackhawk offers 30 models of CQC Concealment Holsters with a paddle for different gun models in two colors Black and Coyote Tan.

  • Passive retention detent regulation screw;
  • Re-holster, fast draw, and target acquisition are guaranteed due to the speed-cut design;
  • Fits Shoulder, Quick Disconnect and Tactical Holster Platforms, S.T.R.I.K.E.;
  • Great fit and finish;
  • Simple to install;
  • Sturdy and comfortable.
  • Snug paddle;
  • California’s Proposition 65;
  • A little bulky for summertime carrying (under light shirts).

#4 Fobus Evolution Holster

Fobus Evolution Holster

The Fobus Ruger Evolution Holster is equipped with a steel-reinforced rivet connection, a rubberized paddle insert, and a molded specific shape, providing quick access. The Fobus developed a one-piece design holster of a premium body construction with the option of passive retention. There are 27 models of Ruger Evolution Holsters.

  • Holds the pistol securely in place;
  • Concealability is provided with low profile design;
  • Sight channel is protected;
  • Passive retention due to the retention adjustment screw;
  • Most models (including Glock 43) have a rubberized paddle insert that ensures extra holster stability;
  • Completely covers trigger;
  • Paddle seats well on the belt;
  • Lightweight and adjustable.
  • Not padded on inside;
  • Drops down into the holster not far enough, it’s not safe.

#5 Galco Tuck-N-Go Inside The Pant Holster

Galco Tuck-N-Go Inside The Pant Holster

The Galco guarantees deep concealment of the Tuck-N-Go Inside the Pant Holsters (in black) that are perfect for covert operations and efficient undercover work. This holster from premium center cut steer hide has a reinforced mouth and an open-top design ensuring prompt draw and return. The Galco concealed ambidextrous holster is equipped with a patented Generation III J-Hook with a streamlined design that allows it to be invisible over the pants and behind the belt and only a small piece at the bottom is seen. Two different belt clips are included: UniClip fits waistband up to 1.5 inches wide, Ultimate Stealth one for unlimited belt width.

  • Craftsmanship, quality leather;
  • The gun is fixed sturdy vertically in the holster, so no angle or cant while carrying;
  • Disable cant can be adjusted;
  • Convenient holstering due to the metal-reinforced mouth;
  • Fits well, and lightweight.
  • Good concealment: tucks well under a dress shirt.
  • Sometimes hard to adjust in the belt;
  • Poor reholstering, not a quick draw holster;
  • Straight up position only, sits slightly low.

#6 Comp-Tac Infidel Ultra Max Inside The Waistband Concealed Carry Holster

Comp-Tac Infidel Ultra Max Inside The Waistband Concealed Carry Holster

Comp-Tac crafted 70 black models of Infidel Ultra Max inside belt concealed carry holsters in model generation 4, 3, 2, 1. Comp-Tac Infidel Ultra Max holster consists of two-layer cowhide leather backing and Kydex shell, which can be changed according to the chosen gun model, just attaching it to the universal backing. Comp-Tac ensures convenient draw and safe reholster with these holsters.

  • Reliable construction with quality materials;
  • Retention setting (level I);
  • Easily polymer clip put on and off due to the adjustable cant;
  • Interchangeable shell: one backing is compatible with different gun models Kydex bodies;
  • Wears easy without rubbing;
  • Quick and simple single clip joining;
  • Fits Glock 43, providing easy smooth draw and re-holstering; Less bulky than some hybrids with wider backings.
  • A bit difficult to get on because of thickness;
  • Not cheap;
  • Unnecessary leather on the bottom.

#7 DeSantis Mini Scabbard Holster for Glocks

DeSantis Mini Scabbard Holster for Glocks

DeSantis produces 51 models of Mini Scabbard Glock Holsters with a 1.5-in belt loop (slot) attachment as an open-top premium leather barrel with plain finish in two colors black and tan. These holsters are a unique combination of reduced size (3.3-in barrel length) and secure gun grip due to precise molding and regulable tension screw.

  • Rides up just high enough to be out of sign with the shirt out;
  • Made in the USA;
  • Tight and top-quality leather;
  • Sturdy construction;
  • Great value;
  • Small, but fits well.
  • Sticks out and is a bit thick: would prefer a slim profile.

#8 Weber Tactical Trifecta Concealment Holster

Weber Tactical Trifecta Concealment Holster

Weber Tactical designed 8 models of Trifecta Concealment Holsters for Glock 19/23/26/27/43 RH in Black color for left and right hand, with two types of waistband mounts: for inside and outside belt attachment. These holsters are made of Boltaron material with a matte finish.

  • IWB or OWB usage 3 in 1 holster: 3 different carrying options in 1 holster;
  • Performed flawlessly in every application;
  • Concealment for all size guns;
  • Made in the USA;
  • Versatile, comfortable, and secure;
  • Lightweight;
  • Great retention.
  • California’s Proposition 65.

#9 Hazmat Holster Works NV3 Ambidextrous IWB /A Kydex Holster

Hazmat Holster Works NV3 Ambidextrous IWB /A Kydex Holster

Hazmat manufacturers ambidextrous black lightweight holsters for Glock 43. These holsters are produced from Kydex and a shield with medium sweat protection, equipped with rust and corrosion-resistant stainless-steel hardware, including clips (1.50, 1.75 in, and tuckable cantable clip) for a firm fit, an easy on- easy off attachment, and for deeper concealment. The holster wide-mouth opening ensures convenient re-holstering.

  • Superb retention;
  • “Kydex Click” is an audible sound while holstering for additional security;
  • Safe concealment system: Tall Sight Channel with RMR Cut accepts raised, suppressor sights;
  • Secure and simple design;
  • Minimalistic Design with Zero added Bulk;
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • None yet.

#10 Alien Gear Holsters ShapeShift Appendix Carry Holster

Alien Gear Holsters ShapeShift Appendix Carry Holster

Alien Gear Holsters developed the gun holsters with an optional thumb release for safe gun gripping and ensuring swift draws. ShapeShift Appendix Carry Holster is crafted from a breathable perforated neoprene base and a polymer Shape-Shift Shell (black matte finishing) with a single mounting point, for comfortable sheath carrying. This handgun holster has a waistband clip and hooks mount type.

  • Easy to set up;
  • Lifetime warranty with a 30-day trial period;
  • Regulable retention;
  • Neoprene backing layer is waterproof;
  • Very functional and comfortable;
  • Small enough for good concealment.
  • Fits not so snug as desired.

#11 DeSantis Thumb Break Mini Slide Belt Holsters

DeSantis Thumb Break Mini Slide Belt Holsters

DeSantis Thumb Break Mini Slide Belt Holsters are represented in 110 models in Black and Tan colors, made of premium saddle leather with plain finishing. The Thumb Break Mini Slide holsters are designed with an exposed muzzle, a detailed mold with double seam stitching, and two belt slots, 1.75 in wide. These holsters are suitable for daily carrying, shooting range, or competition.

  • The Customizable fit due to the regulable complete tension system and thumb break feature;
  • Smooth edges and good stitching;
  • Quality leather;
  • Small size for concealment;
  • Snap is reliable and tension screw is a simple touch.
  • None yet.

#12 BlackHawk T-Series L2C Compact Holster

BlackHawk T-Series L2C Compact Holster

BlackHawk combined reinforced external polymer and smooth, sound-dampening, hydrophobic lining to make T-Series L2C Compact Holster. A strap across the handgun back is an extra security feature of the L3D. Jacket Slot Belt Loop is attached to the holster; quick dual release (QDR) belt Loop and 2-Slot Belt Loop are not included.

  • Secret drawing and smooth holstering due to the sound-dampening and low friction lining;
  • Durable and small size;
  • Works with suppressor height sights;
  • Master Grip Principle for thumb-activated retention;
  • Level 2 Duty or Level 3 Duty configurations are available;
  • Red Dot Compatible.
  • California’s Proposition 65.

#13 Tagua Quick Draw Belt Holster for Glock

Tagua Quick Draw Belt Holster for Glock

Tagua Quick Draw Belt Holster has two-piece construction with front molding, completely leather lined, and two waistband slots, fitting the belts up to 1-in wide. Among 10 models of Tagua Quick Draw Belt Holster for Glock, there are Black and Brown only for the right hand (left-handed for Colt, only black).

  • Well-made quality holster;
  • Rides close to the body;
  • Easy concealment due to the compact design;
  • Fits multiple barrel lengths of the same handgun model.
  • Requires some break-in time.

#14 CrossBreed Holsters SuperTuck IWB Holster

CrossBreed Holsters SuperTuck IWB Holster

CrossBreed Holsters crafted SuperTuck IWB Holsters from premium leather backing and a mounted molded Kydex pocket that can be carried towards the rear of the draw side – 3:30 to 5 o’clock for a right hand or 7 to 8:30 for a left one. The SuperTuck holster is an inside the waistband sheath that can be worn with or without the tucked-in shirt.

  • The wide range of 101 models;
  • Top Quality materials;
  • Durable clips;
  • Reliable retention;
  • Adjustable cant and ride height due to modular SnapLok powder coated steel belt clips.
  • None yet.

#15 UM Tactical IWB Holster

UM Tactical IWB Holster

UM Tactical IWB Holsters are handmade of 4332 Boltaron with Kydex finish. Boltaron has great features of resistance: to arctic cold, not cracking; to high heat, not deforming; to impact (more durable than Kydex). Inside the Waistband Holster has Open Top and Belt Clip and Hook. UM Tactical IWB Holsters are designed in 50 models in Carbon Black and Tactical Black.

  • Reasonable price;
  • Easy and convenient to carry;
  • Adjustable 0-15 degree cant.
  • None yet.

#16 Comp-Tac OWB Concealed Kydex Warrior Holster

Comp-Tac OWB Concealed Kydex Warrior Holster

The Warrior Holster as a comparatively new brand (since 2018) constantly wides the holsters range for gun models (make) to meet all demands at the market. Comp-Tac crafted OWB (outside the waistband) concealed holsters with a stealth footprint for quick access, a smooth draw, and re-holster. These holsters have adjustable cant to 140 (from cross draw to forward) that becomes the perfect draw angle. Open-ended holster is suitable for suppressor sights and threaded barrels. The Comp-Tac offers 53 models of Kydex Warrior Holsters in Black and Flat Dark Earth. The Warrior holsters, providing a close-fitting footprint, can be used equally conveniently for every day concealed carrying, competitive shooting, and range work as well.

  • Adjustable cant;
  • High-quality material: made of airline grade Kydex;
  • Low profile identification with streamlined design;
  • Successfully hidden due to the slim setup and close-fitting;
  • Easy to fit around the belt loops;
  • The holster grip can be loosened and tighten, using retention adjustment.
  • No sweat guard between handgun and body.

#17 C&G Holsters IWB Tactical Kydex Holster

C&G Holsters IWB Tactical Kydex Holster

C&G Holsters designed Tactical Kydex Holsters in 3 models (only Black) especially for a Glock 19 and Glock 43. These holsters can be conveniently worn with a T-shirt, as they were made for concealed carry inside of the waistband, for appendix carrying, and on the hip. Extra security while holstering is provided with an audible and tactile click of rigid locking retention.

  • All hardware is rust and corrosion-resistant thanks to Salt bath Nitriding treatment;
  • Concealable, durable, lightweight, and 100 % secure;
  • Accuracy to .003 inches due to the CNC design and manufacture;
  • Tested and recommended by National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA);
  • Lifetime Warranty.
  • None yet.

#18 Safariland Model 578 7TS GLS Pro-Fit Glock Holster

Safariland Model 578 7TS GLS Pro-Fit Glock Holster

The GLS (Grip Lock System) in Pro-Fit Glock Holsters ensures safe gun holstering, making possible a retention deactivation with the middle finger upon having a standard handgun shooting grip. Safariland made these holster casings of proprietary nylon blend, which is non-abrasive to a gun’s finish, created a low-cut and compact design to ensure great concealment and a quick draw. There are 18 models in two colors Flat Dark Earth and Black.

  • Solid build and fit;
  • Injection-molded paddle design provides high concealability and close-to-body ride;
  • SafariSeven materials maintain low cold tolerance and very high heat one;
  • Capability to wear multiple firearms in one holster thanks to the adjustable customize fitting;
  • Injection-molded belt loops can be regulated for cant and can be worn cross draw.
  • None yet.

#19 Galco Fletch High Ride Belt Holster

Galco Fletch High Ride Belt Holster

Galco designed Belt Holster of premium steer hide leather with forwarding molded contours to the hip and butt-forward cant. This Fletch High Ride holster has a retention strap with a reinforced thumb break. The Galco holsters fit waistbands up to 1,75 in. There are 46 models of the holsters available in Black and Tan colors.

  • Excellent construction with classic design;
  • Fits close to the body – great concealment;
  • Good stitching;
  • Rides tight with hip carry.
  • Pricey;
  • Not quite as high riding as expected.

#20 Gould & Goodrich 802 Two Slot Pancake Holster

Gould & Goodrich 802 Two Slot Pancake Holster

Gould & Goodrich applied deep definition molding to receive 802 two-slot pancake holsters of unsurpassed quality, using top grain vegetable tanned genuine leather as well. The G&C holsters have slight forward cant and fit waistbands up to 1.75 inches in width.

  • Conceal Carry;
  • The trigger guard is well covered through a leather holster;
  • Full firearm coverage.
  • Little slow on unsnapping.


Are the leather holsters suitable for your gun?
Leather holsters fit many gun models, having a wide range of concealed carrying designs. Over time leather features pliable that can be dangerous to keep the firearm, also drawing the pistol from the leather holster, it can collapse at the top, making it difficult to re-holster the gun.
Can you pocket carry a Glock 43?
Glock Pockets are pistols that fit to carry them hidden, even in the pocket, but only in holsters as well for safety sake. The Glock 43 is a simple and conveniently carried pocket handgun.
How to maintain a leather holster?
A well-made strong leather sheath will last for decades, protecting the gun, if you treat it properly. Some things are necessary to avoid:
• using a leather conditioner, mink, gun, and Neat’s oils, as they cause distortion and softening of the leather;
• submerging the holster in any liquid;
• drying the sheath on a radiator, in an oven or a laundry machine, with a hairdryer.


According to the customers’ reviews, Galco fit better for Glocks, whereas C&G Holsters with help of the Law enforcement pros designed sheath especially for Glock. The Glock 43 comes with two magazines of 6-round capacity each (a 9mm cartridge). You can discreetly carry a reliable Glock 43 in public with a suitable sheath, even in a pocket.

Keep in mind that leather holsters, having moisture-absorbing tendencies, especially in wet climates, can get softer, more pliable, as a result, deformed, so at least oiling maintenance from time to time is recommended. A good leather sheath may last from a few years to eight ones. There are many modern materials holsters with good performance. Quality holster should be a comfortable, reliable, and safe one. Although, even high-quality sheath will not serve forever, as it is just a renewable gun supplement, as springs, mags, and pistol belts.

Best pick

Galco Kingtuk IWB Holster used a premium center cut steer hide for Kingtuk IWB Holster to ensure a simple holstering and prompt gun draw. Full-size Glock and wearer are protected due to the raised sweat guard.

Budget pick

Blackhawk Serpa CQC Concealment Holster. The durable Low-Profile Holster has an auto-lock release to provide the shooters with an effortless re-holster, a smooth draw, and security while gun storage. These holsters are easy to install, fitting close to the body.

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