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Best AR Trigger for Hunting

What is AR Trigger For Hunting? 🤔

It is an essential component of a modern hunting rifle setup. It is the device that, when pulled, initiates the firing process of a gun. An adjustable trigger allows a shooter to customize their experience by providing them with increased accuracy and control while shooting.

  • The AR Trigger works by transferring energy from the shooter’s finger pressure into an internal mechanism which then causes the hammer or striker to hit the firing pin.
  • This process releases energy from inside the chamber and subsequently fires a round downrange.

Please watch this video to learn more information 📺

Features 🚨

🔫 Quick and Responsive Trigger Pull: When out hunting, you need a trigger that provides a fast and responsive pull so you can make quick shots. It should provide a crisp, light pull with minimal pre-travel to ensure accuracy and control when taking the shot.
🐏 Adjustable Trigger Weight: The adjustable trigger weight is important for hunters looking to customize their trigger pull to match their shooting style. So Trigger for Hunting should offer adjustable weights between 2-4 pounds to accommodate a wide range of shooting styles and preferences.
🐃 Drop Safe Design: Safety is paramount when out hunting, so a Trigger for Hunting should have a drop-safe design that prevents accidental discharges when dropped or knocked around in the field. Look for triggers with built-in guards or disconnectors that will help prevent misfires while out in the field.
🦌 Ergonomic Design: Comfort is key while out hunting, so it’s important to find a trigger with an ergonomic design that fits your hand comfortably and allows you to take accurate shots without straining your hands or fingers. Look for triggers with contoured surfaces that are comfortable to hold onto during long days of hunting.
🐅 Smooth Takeup:  A smooth takeup is essential when taking precision shots from long distances on game animals. It should provide a smooth uptake with minimal creep or stacking so you can easily break clean shots on target from long distances away.
Our Top Pick
Geissele Single-Stage Precision Trigger
The Geissele Single-Stage Precision Trigger is an ideal option when you need to be precise and accurate. This trigger can be easily installed and has no slack and a smooth pull, making it perfect for boosting your confidence while shooting. Additionally, the trigger's reset is brief but clear, providing valuable information while engaging targets. For anyone who has an AR-style rifle, the Geissele Single-Stage Precision Trigger is an excellent upgrade, offering both reliability and top-of-the-line performance.
Buy Now On OpticsPlanet
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Types 🔐

Standard Triggers 🔫

  • They provide a consistent pull weight for every shot taken, meaning the user must apply the same amount of pressure each time they pull the trigger to fire a round.
  • Although this can provide an accurate and reliable shooting experience, it is not ideal for larger hunting scenarios where accuracy and precision are paramount.

Single-Stage Triggers 🏹

  • They offer a light and smooth pull with no additional steps that need to be taken before firing.
  • This makes them ideal for quick target acquisition and follow-up shots while hunting.
  • Additionally, the lack of creep or overtravel allows users to take precise shots with minimal effort.

Two-Stage Triggers 🦌 

  • The first stage requires the shooter to simply press on the trigger until they feel an initial resistance point – this is known as “taking up the slack”.
  • After taking up the slack, a much lighter second stage requires only a few ounces of pressure to fire a round.
  • Two-stage triggers allow hunters to achieve maximum accuracy without having to sacrifice speed when trying to take their shot at moving targets.

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Advantages 🔥

🔥 Increased Precision and Accuracy: This is especially important when hunting small games, as even the slightest adjustment can have a great effect on the overall accuracy of the shot. 🔥 Enhanced Comfort: With an AR trigger, you don’t need to apply as much force or tension when pulling the trigger which makes shooting more comfortable and enjoyable overall.
🔥 Improved Safety: Since an AR trigger typically has less take-up than a standard trigger, it reduces the likelihood of accidental discharges due to excessive pressure on the trigger. 🔥 Reduced Operation Time: AR triggers provide a much shorter pull time compared to other types of triggers, making it easier and faster to fire multiple rounds in quick succession without having to continually adjust your technique or stance.

Best AR Trigger for Hunting Reviews

1# TRYBE Defense AR-15 Curved Drop-In Trigger

TRYBE Defense AR-15 Curved Drop-In Trigger

Welcome to TRYBE Defense, where we always have your back with innovative new gear. Our latest addition is the TRYBE Defense AR-15 Curved Drop-In Trigger, perfect for hunters, range trainers, and competitive shooters alike. This high-performance trigger offers an adjustable pull weight of 3.5 – 5 pounds, so you can customize it to your exact shooting needs. The TRYBE Defense AR-15 Curved Drop-In Trigger is housed in anodized aluminum and features components crafted from nitride heat-treated steel, ensuring durability and longevity.

  • Crisp Trigger Pull.
  • Adjustable Pull Weight.
  • Durable Construction.
  • Easy Installation.
  • May be too difficult for some to adjust the pull weight.
  • Trigger shapes may not be ideal for all users.


2# Geissele Single-Stage Precision Trigger

Geissele Single-Stage Precision Trigger

When precision and accuracy are critical, the Geissele Single-Stage Precision Trigger is a perfect choice. This drop-in trigger has no take-up and a super clean break, for greater shooting confidence. The reset is short yet still distinct, providing excellent feedback during target engagement. With its combination of performance and reliability, the Geissele Single-Stage Precision Trigger is the perfect upgrade for any AR-platform rifle.

Video review

  • Superior materials.
  • Manufactured using the latest wire EDM technology.
  • All parts are finished in durable corrosion-resistant black oxide.
  • Designed for mil-spec AR15/M4 carbine rifles.
  • Provides greater shooting confidence.
  • Super MCX SSA or Super MPX SSA compatible.
  • May not be compatible with some AR-platform rifles.
  • Trigger pull weight may be too heavy for some shooters.
  • Parts may wear down over time.


3# Geissele SSA Super Semi-Automatic Trigger

Geissele SSA Super Semi-Automatic Trigger

The Geissele Super Semi-Automatic Trigger is a two-stage trigger that is safety certified by the Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center. This Rifle Trigger provides accurate trigger control for long shots and close combat. The Geissele Super Sabra Trigger is perfect for hunting, law enforcement, and home defense.

Video review

  • Quality Tool Steel.
  • This AR Trigger for Hunting has a safety certification from the Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center.
  • The Geissele Super Sabra Trigger is perfect for hunting, law enforcement, and home defense.
  • The Geissele SSA does not fit HK416 weapons with firing pin safety.
  • This AR Trigger for Hunting is not adjustable.


4# HIPERFIRE Enhanced Duty Trigger

HIPERFIRE Enhanced Duty Trigger

The HIPERFIRE Enhanced Duty Trigger is the perfect upgrade for your AR-15 or AR-10 rifle. With its two-position trigger bow, you can choose between a 5 or 6-pound pull weight, depending on your preferences. The HIPERFIRE EDT3 Fire-Control Group is precision made and ensures reliable performance in any situation. Upgrade your rifle today with the HIPERFIRE Enhanced Duty Trigger.

Video review

  • Enhanced pull weight, user-adjustable trigger weights of 4 and 6 pounds.
  • Duplex trigger bow for high or low finger placement.
  • Clean break and fast reset.
  • May does not work in lowers with FCG holes that are outside MIL-Spec toleranced dimensions.
  • The trigger pull weight is 4.5 – 5 lb, which may be too heavy for some applications.


5# Geissele Automatics Super Dynamic Combat (SD-C) Trigger

Geissele Automatics Super Dynamic Combat (SD-C) Trigger

The Geissele Super Dynamic Combat Trigger is a high-quality, two-stage trigger that is perfect for AR15s and M4s. With rugged construction and sear design, this trigger provides safety against accidental discharges. When we tried this product featuring a flat trigger bow, this Geissele Automatics Trigger is ideal for shooters who want a sharp and repeatable release. Compatible with standard mil-spec pins, this non-adjustable trigger is perfect for experienced shooters.

  • Rugged construction.
  • Sear design for safety.
  • Flat trigger bow for a smooth release.
  • Compatible with mil-spec pins.
  • Non-adjustable.
  • May be too heavy for some shooters.
  • Only compatible with AR-15s and M4s.


6# Bushmaster DM2S Dedicated Marksman 2 Stage Trigger

Bushmaster DM2S Dedicated Marksman 2 Stage Trigger

Looking for a trigger that will give you the edge in the competition? The Bushmaster DM2S is your answer. This high-quality, dedicated marksman trigger is designed for precision shooting. With a smooth, consistent pull, it provides a competitive feel that will help you take your game to the next level. It’s also perfect for hunting, home defense, or law enforcement use. Don’t settle for anything less than the best – choose the Bushmaster DM2S.

Video review

  • Smooth, consistent pull.
  • Curved trigger bow for a competitive feel.
  • 4.12 – 4.56 lb pull weight.
  • Pull weight is not adjustable.


7# American Trigger AR Gold Drop-In Trigger

American Trigger AR Gold Drop-In Trigger

Looking for a custom Rifle Trigger for your AR platform rifle? Look no further than the American Trigger AR Gold Durable Drop-In Trigger! This top-of-the-line trigger is perfect for military, law enforcement, competition, hunting, and casual sport shooting applications. The unique design of the American Trigger AR Gold Custom Drop-In Trigger adds functionality and reliability to the stock AR rifle. This drop-in module comes standard with a 3.5 lb. pull weight and the shortest reset and cleanest break of any trigger on the market. American Trigger AR Gold Reliable Triggers are the best custom part you will ever install!

Video review

  • Proven favorite AR platform trigger for military, law enforcement, competition, hunting, and casual sport shooting.
  • Unique design adds functionality and reliability to stock AR rifles.
  • Drop-In Module (easy installation).
  • 3.5 lb. pull weight
  • Shortest reset.
  • AR shooters may need to make adjustments.


8# RISE Armament LE145 Tactical Trigger

RISE Armament LE145 Tactical Trigger

If you’re looking for a Rifle Trigger that you can rely on in high-adrenaline situations, look no further than the RISE Armament LE145. This single-stage trigger has a crisp, balanced break and 4.5-pound pull weight, making it ideal for applications ranging from law enforcement and military to hunting. Plus, its fully contained, drop-in design makes it quick and easy to install with no special skills required.

  • Single-stage with a clean break and drop safety feature.
  • It has a 4.5 lb pull weight for enhanced accuracy.
  • Its self-contained design makes it quick and easy to install with no fine-tuning needed.
  • It may not work with ARs that have a Sig MPX.
  • Some guns require modification to use it.


9# Rise Armament Ar-15 Blitz Performance Trigger

Rise Armament Ar-15 Blitz Performance Trigger

AR-15 Blitz Performance Trigger by Rise Armament is a must-have addition to your AR platform firearm. With ultra-fast Quik-Klik reset and nearly nonexistent creep, this trigger will help you stay on target and get rapid follow-up shots. The hybrid trigger blade combines the best aspects of curved and flat triggers for exceptional comfort, control, and speed. Installation is simple and fast with no set screws to tighten. With RISE Triggers’ NoWay Take-up, you’ll never have to worry about the movement before engaging the sear. Get the performance and reliability you need with the AR-15 Blitz Performance Trigger by Rise Armament.

Video review

  • Ultra-fast Quik-Klik™ reset you can hear and feel for rapid follow-up shots.
  • Nearly nonexistent creep to help you stay on target.
  • Hybrid trigger blade that combines the best aspects of curved and flat triggers for exceptional comfort, control, and speed.
  • Elementary installation — simple and fast with no set screws to tighten.
  • Single-stage, 3.5-lb.
  • May be too fast for some shooters.


10# Rise Armament Ar-15 Advanced Performance Trigger

Rise Armament Ar-15 Advanced Performance Trigger

If you’re looking for an upgrade to your AR-15 trigger, look no further than Rise Armament’s Advanced Performance Trigger. By combining the best aspects of straight and curved triggers, this trigger provides a fast reset, smooth pull, and minimal over travel. It’s made from high-quality materials and precision CNC machined for durability and performance. Whether you’re a target shooter or plinker, this trigger will help you get the most out of your AR-15.

Video review

  • Crisp single-stage break.
  • Fast reset.
  • Smooth pull weight.
  • Minimal overtravel.
  • Some shooters report a gritty feel.
  • Trigger pins may work loose over time.


11# Rise Armament Ar-15 High-Performance Triggers

Rise Armament Ar-15 High-Performance Triggers

Looking for a great aftermarket AR-15 trigger without spending a fortune? Look no further than the RISE Armament AR-15 High-Performance Trigger. Based on our experience this single-stage design offers enhanced performance at an affordable price, making it the perfect option for budget-minded shooters. Plus, with its crisp and clean break, this trigger is sure to improve your shooting experience. So don’t wait any longer – order your RISE Armament AR-15 High-Performance Trigger today!

  • Single Stage Design – Crisp, Clean Break with Short Reset, and Overtravel.
  • Contact Surfaces Nickel-Boron Treated for Smooth, Consistent Pull With Every Trigger Press.
  • AR Triggers Include Anti Walk Pins.
  • Some may find the pull weight a bit heavy at 3.5 pounds.


Installation 💡

Gather your tools – you’ll need an Allen wrench, screwdriver, and some lube.
Remove the existing trigger from your gun by taking out any pins or screws that are holding it in place.
Install the new AR trigger by positioning it into its designated spot inside the receiver of your gun and carefully tightening screws or pins to hold it in place.
Test your new trigger’s installation by dry firing a few times before using it in live fire conditions to make sure everything is working properly and safely.
Apply lube to any areas that might experience wear due to friction during use, as this will help prolong the life of your trigger and ensure consistent performance over time.
Do a final check of all components to ensure safety before you embark on your next hunt with your newly installed AR trigger! 🤠

Watch this video to find more information 💻


Is Mil-Speck or High-End trigger better for hunting?

🔍 Mil-Spec triggers are typically more affordable and designed for general use. They’re ideal for casual hunters who need a basic trigger that will do the job without breaking the bank.

On the other hand, 🔍high-end triggers are often made from specialized materials which provide a smoother pull and a higher level of accuracy. These triggers come with adjustable weights, allowing users to fine-tune the pull force depending on their needs. Additionally, some high-end triggers can be calibrated to allow for faster follow-up shots or enhanced accuracy when making long-distance shots.

⭕ Ultimately, choosing between Mil-Spec and High-End triggers for hunting depends on the user’s budget and shooting preferences. If you’re looking for an economical option that offers basic performance with no extra frills, then a Mil-Spec trigger would likely be your best choice. However, if you need precision accuracy and adjustable features, then investing in a higher-quality trigger may be worth the extra cost. 💰

We believe this video can be helpful for you 📺

Is a lighter trigger better for hunting?
  • 📌 A lighter trigger pull weight allows for less disruption in sight alignment when you go to the fire, which can help you land a more precise shot.
  • 📌 In addition, a lighter trigger pull can reduce the chance of flinching or jerking the rifle when releasing the trigger, both of which can negatively impact accuracy.

🎯 When considering a lighter trigger for hunting, it’s important to remember that for safety reasons most hunting rifles have triggers with at least 3 pounds of force required for discharge. Lower than this is typically considered unsafe and should not be used for any type of hunting. It’s also important to note that even though having an ultra-lightweight trigger may provide some advantages on the range, the same benefits may not apply in the field since any game animal will require quicker reactions than shooting from a static position at a target.

Please watch this video to learn more information 📺

Is it necessary to upgrade the AR trigger for hunting?

💡 It depends on the individual shooter and their particular needs for hunting. An upgrade to an AR trigger can improve accuracy, reduce felt recoil, and offer more control over the firing speed of the rifle.

However, there are other factors to consider when purchasing a new trigger such as compatibility with other parts in your rifle or cost effectiveness. If you are looking for a higher-performing trigger without breaking your budget then considering an upgraded AR trigger may be worth exploring.

How To Clean AR Trigger for Hunting?
  • 🧷 To properly clean your trigger, you’ll need to disassemble the firearm and remove the trigger assembly.
  • 🧷 Start by using a brush to gently scrub away any debris or buildup around the pins, springs, and connector points.
  • 🧷 Next, use a cleaning solution and cotton swabs to thoroughly clean all of the components.
  • 🧷 Be sure to remove all excess oil from the parts before reassembling them in their original order 🧹.
  • 🧷 Finally, use a lubricant such as gun oil to lubricate any moving parts on the trigger assembly before putting everything back together 🔦.

⭕ Following this process will help ensure that your AR Trigger For Hunting remains accurate and reliable for years to come!

What Is Trigger Reset?

Trigger reset is an important component of any AR trigger, as it allows for a faster and more accurate follow-up shot.

✅🔔 Trigger reset is the distance or amount of pressure needed to be applied to the trigger after firing a round in order for the gun to fire again.

✅🔔 The aim of trigger reset is to reduce the time between each shot, allowing for quicker follow-up shots and greater accuracy when hunting.

The most popular form of trigger reset comes from a single-stage trigger, where pressure is applied only once to reach a full reset. This type of trigger is commonly seen on ARs designed for hunting because it allows shooters to quickly and accurately fire multiple rounds without needing to adjust their grip or pull weight each time. It also offers greater control over accuracy since there is less chance of movement between shots due to the single-stage design.

However, some hunters may prefer a two-stage trigger which requires different amounts of pressure in order to reach full reset after each shot. This type of trigger can help improve accuracy by providing feedback on how much pressure needs to be applied before reaching full reset. Additionally, two-stage triggers are often seen as more ergonomic since they allow shooters to maintain their grip position while still controlling recoil and improving accuracy with every shot.

Conclusion 📗

AR Trigger For Hunting is a great way to enhance your hunting experience and improve accuracy. With the right trigger for your rifle, you can customize it according to your preferences and shooting style while also increasing safety measures. We hope this guide has helped you understand what features are important when choosing a trigger as well as given some valuable insight into which models may be best suited for different situations. Whether you’re looking for something lightweight or more heavy-duty, there’s sure to be a product that will meet all of your needs! Good luck on the hunt! 💡🛒

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6 months ago

As someone new to the mechanics of operating an AR-15, I found this post to be a helpful demonstration and explanation. Thank you!

    6 months ago
    Reply to  Zervak

    Thank you for your feedback👍

      6 months ago

      Aloha! Are there any legal restrictions on trigger modifications for hunting?

        6 months ago
        Reply to  Cater

        Yes, there may be legal restrictions on trigger modifications for hunting depending on your jurisdiction. It is important to familiarize yourself with local laws and regulations regarding firearm modifications, including triggers, before making any alterations. Here are a few points to consider:

        🟡 Hunting Regulations: Different regions have specific hunting regulations that may dictate the use of modified triggers. These regulations might outline restrictions on trigger pull weight, trigger designs, or other modifications. It is crucial to review the hunting regulations provided by the relevant wildlife or hunting authorities to ensure compliance.

        🟡 Legal Modifications: Some jurisdictions allow certain trigger modifications while prohibiting others. For example, reducing trigger pull weight within a specific range might be permitted, while installing devices that enable fully automatic fire would be strictly prohibited. Always ensure that any modifications you make fall within the legal boundaries of your jurisdiction.

        🟡 Restricted Game: Certain game species, such as migratory birds, may have additional federal regulations that govern the use of modified triggers. These regulations could be more stringent than local hunting regulations, so it is important to understand any specific restrictions that apply to the game you are hunting.

        🟡 Safety Considerations: While legal restrictions are in place to ensure responsible and ethical hunting practices, it is also crucial to prioritize safety when making any modifications to your firearm. Ensure that any trigger modifications are done safely and in a manner that does not compromise the integrity and safe operation of the firearm.

          6 months ago

          I prefer using the two-stage trigger for hunting, action competition, or self-defense purposes. However, when shooting Prairie Dogs or targets, I prefer the single-stage trigger. The two-stage trigger helps in preventing any accidental discharge, whereas the single-stage trigger is set for a lighter and cleaner break.

            6 months ago
            Reply to  Dorian

            Totally agree! I enjoy using the two-stage trigger for hunting because it helps me to focus on my trigger pull and reduces the chances of me jerking it.

              6 months ago
              Reply to  Dorian

              Today, I went to a gun show where a major RRA dealer was displaying a cutaway lower with a dual-stage trigger. I had the opportunity to try it out and I really enjoyed the feel of it. Although it may take some time to adjust, I can see why many people prefer this type of trigger.

                6 months ago
                Reply to  Dorian

                For precision shooting, I recommend using a 2-stage trigger. However, for activities like hunting or tactical shooting such as 3 gun, a single stage trigger is preferable.

                  6 months ago

                  Hello. Thank you for the post. Can I use an AR with its stock trigger for hunting?

                    6 months ago
                    Reply to  Sweety-Fitty

                    ✅ Yes, you can use an AR with its stock trigger for hunting. The stock trigger is generally sufficient for most hunting scenarios. However, some hunters prefer aftermarket triggers for improved control and accuracy.