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Best AR-15 Vertical Grip

What is AR-15 Vertical Grip? 🤔

It is a popular accessory designed to enhance control and stability while handling your beloved rifle. These grips are typically attached to the front rail system or handguard of an AR-15 and serve as a comfortable and ergonomic extension of your hand.

AR-15 Vertical Grip

Features 🌟

✳️ Ergonomic Design: Most vertical grips boast a contoured shape and texture, providing a secure and comfortable grip for improved control and recoil management.

✳️ Picatinny/KeyMod/M-LOK Compatibility: These grips are designed to seamlessly attach to your AR-15’s handguard using popular mounting systems like Picatinny, KeyMod, or M-LOK, ensuring a secure and hassle-free installation.

✳️ Accessory Integration: Many vertical grips offer additional accessory attachment options, such as integrated bipod adapters, flashlight mounts, or sling swivel studs, allowing you to customize your setup according to your needs.

✳️ Materials: They are typically constructed from durable materials like polymer, aluminum, or carbon fibre, striking a balance between strength and weight.

Our Top Pick
MDT Elite Vertical Grips
This grip can be used with both chassis rifles and AR10/15 rifles. It is specially made to provide you with maximum precision and control while firing by allowing you to adjust the distance and angle between the grip and trigger. This helps you position your hand for a 90-degree trigger press, resulting in more accurate shots and safer handling of the firearm.
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Types 🔄

⭕ Angled Grips: These grips feature an angled design, combining elements of a vertical grip and a hand stop. They are favored by shooters who prefer a more natural and comfortable hand position.

⭕ Vertical Grips: This classic design features a straight, vertical profile, providing a stable and consistent grip for shooters who value a traditional grip orientation.

⭕ Hand Stop Grips: Hand stop grips, as the name implies, act as a barricade or indexing point to prevent your hand from sliding too far forward on the handguard during intense shooting sessions.

⭕ Folding Grips: Folding vertical grips offer the convenience of compact storage while allowing you to quickly deploy them when needed, making them ideal for those who value versatility.

Best AR-15 Vertical Grip Review

Advantages 🔝

🔥 Enhanced Control: Vertical grips provide a stable and comfortable hold, ensuring better control over your firearm, even in high-stress shooting scenarios.
🔥 Reduced Fatigue: The ergonomic design of these grips helps reduce muscle fatigue during prolonged shooting sessions, allowing you to maintain accuracy and focus for longer periods.
🔥 Improved Accuracy: With increased stability and better control, vertical grips contribute to improved accuracy, allowing you to place shots precisely where intended.
🔥 Customization Options: Many vertical grips offer customizable features, such as different textures, adjustable angles, or modular add-ons, empowering you to tailor the grip to your specific needs and preferences.

Best AR-15 Vertical Grip Review

1# MDT Premier Vertical Grips

MDT Premier Vertical Grips

Whether you’re a die-hard marksman or a competition shooter, proper finger placement on the trigger is crucial for precision shooting. The MDT Premier Vertical Grips are designed to give you the perfect grip every time, whether you have large or small hands. The fore and aft adjustment feature allows you to customize the grip to fit your hand size, while the vertical grip orientation provides a straight pull on the trigger for a more accurate shot.

Video review

  • Adjustable to fit any hand size.
  • A vertical grip facilitates a straight pull on the trigger for more accurate shots.
  • Polymer core and side panels are removable for a custom fit.
  • Compatible with all MDT chassis systems.
  • It’s ideal for marksmen and competition shooters.
  • Pricey compared to other AR-15 vertical grips.
  • Polymer construction may not be as durable as metal.


2# MDT Elite Vertical Grips

MDT Elite Vertical Grips

Looking for a top-tier vertical grip for your AR-15 rifle? Then look no further than the MDT Elite Vertical Grip! Compatible with both chassis rifles and AR10/15 rifles, this grip is designed to give you the utmost precision and control while firing. With its adjustable distance and angle from the grip to the trigger, you can easily position your hand for a 90-degree trigger press – leading to more accurate shots and safer gun handling overall. So if you’re in the market for a top-of-the-line vertical grip, don’t settle for anything less than the MDT Elite!

Video review

  • Adjustable distance and angle from the grip to the trigger.
  • Comfortable rubber overmold.
  • Grooves and external texturing for non-slip gripping.
  • 6061 aluminum core.
  • AR-15 rifles only.
  • Cannot adjust the vertical angle.


3# Magpul Industries M-LOK MVG Vertical Grip

Magpul Industries M-LOK MVG Vertical Grip

The Magpul Industries M-LOK MVG Vertical Hand Grip is the perfect addition to your AR-15, AK-47, or shotgun. This grip provides extra control of the front of your gun, allowing for less recoil and improved accuracy. The M-LOK installation system makes these grips easy to install, and the solid fitment and quality construction from Magpul Industries ensures that they will look and perform great for years to come.

Video review

  • High strength, lightweight polymer vertical grip.
  • Directly mounts to M-LOK compatible systems.
  • Uses Magpul TSP texture for positive control in all environments.
  • Rounded contours and shorter length to optimize use with the “thumb break” method of shooting.
  • May be too short for some users.
  • This could cause difficulty with magazine changes.


4# Magpul MOE Vertical Grip

Magpul MOE Vertical Grip

The Magpul MOE Vertical Front Grip is an excellent choice for anyone looking to improve the handling and control of their firearm. The ergonomic design provides a comfortable and secure grip, even with gloves on, while the specialized mounting system ensures compatibility with most MOE handguards and forends. Don’t miss out on this essential piece of tactical gear!

Video review

  • The shape of the MOE Vertical Front Grip from Magpul Industries is ergonomically designed to improve weapon handling and control.
  • MAGPUL MOE Vertical Grip MOE does not require specialized rails for mounting and attachment.
  • Highly durable material.
  • Is not ambidextrous.
  • It does not include a storage compartment.


5# Magpul RVG Rail Vertical Grip

Magpul RVG Rail Vertical Grip

Magpul’s RVG Rail Vertical Grip is the perfect addition to your AR build, providing you with a reliable and ergonomic grip for enhanced accuracy and comfort. This lightweight and low-profile grip is made from rugged polymer that will withstand even the harshest environments, and its aggressive textured surface provides a confident grip no matter what conditions you’re shooting in.

Video review

  • Aggressive texture for positive weapon control.
  • Lightweight and low-profile design.
  • Rugged high-strength polymer construction.
  • Optimized for use with the “thumb break method” of shooting.
  • May be too aggressive for some shooters.
  • The low profile may not offer enough grip for some hands.


6# FAB Defense Quick Release Tactical Vertical Grip

FAB Defense Quick Release Tactical Vertical Grip

Take your shooting grip to the next level with the FAB Defense Quick Release Tactical Vertical Grip. This AR15 Foregrip installs quickly and easily and provides a much more solid hold on your weapon, giving you greater accuracy in every shot. Plus, the waterproof storage compartment is perfect for holding batteries or any other small parts you need to have at hand. The fiberglass-reinforced polymer construction makes this Foregrip lightweight and tough, perfect for competition or tactical use.

  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Non-slip grip.
  • Secure bolt locking system.
  • Quick-release system.
  • It may be too lightweight for some users’ liking.
  • The storage compartment is not watertight.


7# Fortis Manufacturing SHIFT Vertical Grip

Fortis Manufacturing SHIFT Vertical Grip

The Fortis Manufacturing SHIFT Vertical Grip is the perfect addition to your AR15. This grip combines form and function, allowing you to utilize it as a vertical grip or as a hand stop if you use the thumb-over method. It’s made from a one-piece billet design of aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum and is anodized in Mil-Spec Type III Hard Coat for durability and ruggedness.

Video review
  • Aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum.
  • Mil-Spec Type III Hard Coat Anodized.
  • One-piece billet design.
  • May be too small for some users.
  • The grip may be too angular for some users.


8# Fortis Manufacturing Shift Vertical Grips

Fortis Manufacturing Shift Vertical Grips

The Fortis Manufacturing Shift Vertical Grip is the latest and greatest in fore-end grip technology! Its innovative hybrid design allows you to use it as a full-on vertical grip, or as a comfortable hand stop when using the thumb-over method. As a result of our tests, we determined that the grip also gives you more confidence when manipulating the weapon, and its organic design enables you to handle it in ways that other vertical grips can’t match. Make sure to look for the distinctive Fortis grip design if you want the very best in shooting comfort and control.

Video review

  • Innovative hybrid design.
  • Full-on vertical grip or comfortable hand stop.
  • Organic design for better handling.
  • It may be too bulky for some.
  • The grip may not fit all hand sizes.


9# OpticsPlanet Exclusive Fortis Manufacturing SHIFT Vertical Grip

OpticsPlanet Exclusive Fortis Manufacturing SHIFT Vertical Grip

Looking for a versatile, durable vertical grip for your AR-15? Check out the OpticsPlanet Exclusive Fortis Manufacturing SHIFT Vertical Grip. This grip combines form and function to allow you to use it as either a vertical grip or a hand stop, depending on your needs. Made from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminum, this one-piece billet grip is built for durability and lasting performance. It’s anodized in Mil-Spec Type III Hard Coat for added ruggedness and features an ergonomic design for a comfortable, confident hold. Whether you’re shooting at the range or in the field, the OpticsPlanet Exclusive Fortis Manufacturing SHIFT Vertical Grip is a great choice for a

  • One Piece Billet Design.
  • Slotted Screws Attachment.
  • Aircraft Grade 6061-T6 Aluminum.
  • Military Specification Type III Hard Coat Anodized.
  • Lightweight.
  • It may be too lightweight for some users.
  • Some may find it difficult to use as a hand stop.


10# HOG AR-15 Vertical Grip

HOG AR-15 Vertical Grip

Looking for a grip that’s both tough and stylish? Look no further than Hogue’s AR-15 Vertical Grip. Made from durable woven glass-based epoxy resin, it can withstand even the roughest treatment. And its flat dark earth color ensures that it will look good with any rifle.

  • Extremely rugged and tough.
  • Retains important lines and aesthetics of tactical rifles.
  • The precision fit is made for particular firearms.
  • Looks good with any rifle.
  • May not fit some firearms properly.
  • It’s not as durable as other grips.


11# HOG AR-15 Vertical Grip

HOG AR-15 Vertical Grip

The HOG AR-15 Vertical Grip is a precision-fit grip made specifically for the AR-15 rifle. It is made from a woven glass-based epoxy resin laminate that is pressure compressed using this patented G-Mascus layering, resulting in an extremely rugged grip. Based on our experience the grip retains the important lines and aesthetics of tactical rifles and does not include mounting hardware.

  • Rugged construction.
  • Retains important lines and aesthetics of AR-15 rifles.
  • Precision fit.
  • Does not include mounting hardware.
  • Made specifically for the AR-15 rifle.


12# Blackhawk Rail Mount Vertical Grips

Blackhawk Rail Mount Vertical Grips

The Blackhawk Rail Mount Vertical Grip is the perfect way to improve your weapon control and heat management. Moulded of high-performance fibreglass-reinforced polymer, it incorporates redundant clamp screws for secure, reliable mounting and an adjustable fit to compensate for out-of-spec rails. Plus, it has a storage compartment for spare batteries or other small items!

Video review

  • Improved weapon control and heat management
  • Moulded of high-performance, fibreglass-reinforced polymer
  • Incorporates redundant clamp screws for secure, reliable mounting
  • Adjustable fit to compensate for out-of-spec rails
  • O-ring sealed compartment for tools, batteries, etc.
  • The fibreglass-reinforced polymer may be too brittle.
  • Adjustability may not be sufficient.


13# Bravo Company Vertical Grip

Bravo Company Vertical Grip

Make your weapon control easier than ever with this lightweight and durable Bravo Company MFG BCMGUNFIGHTER Vertical Grip-Mod 3. This grip provides a better grasp on your weapon for improved shot performance, without any of the drawbacks that other grips can provide.

  • Impact-resistant polymer construction.
  • Low profile design.
  • The forward angle increases the rigidity of the forearm.
  • Can be mounted in a reverse angle to increase control when grabbing the handguard and grip.
  • Flat sides with aggressive texture give better yaw control to the shooter during firing and non-firing manipulations.
  • It may be too lightweight for some users.


14# Bravo Company MFG Gunfighter Vertical Grip

Bravo Company MFG Gunfighter Vertical Grip

The Bravo Company Manufacturing Gunfighter Short Vertical Grip is perfect for adding comfort and precision to your shooting experience. Its low-profile design ensures that it won’t snag on your clothing or gear, while the aggressive texture provides a firm grip. Additionally, this grip features an internal storage compartment to keep batteries and other small parts close at hand. You can mount this grip with a forward or reverse angle to suit your needs best.

Video review

  • Aggressive texture for an enhanced grip.
  • The low profile of these grips means they won’t snag on your clothing or gear.
  • Internal storage compartment that holds batteries and other small parts.
  • Mounted with a forward or reverse angle to suit your needs best.
  • May be too aggressive for some shooters.


15# Samson KeyMod Evolution Vertical Grip

Samson KeyMod Evolution Vertical Grip

The Samson KeyMod Evolution Vertical Grip is the perfect addition to your KeyMod Evolution free-float modular rail system. Its ergonomic design allows for a comfortable and stable grip, giving you the precision you need to take down your targets. Our findings show that the solid aluminum and stainless steel construction make this vertical grip incredibly durable, while the removable design means that it can be taken off without having to remove the entire handguard.

  • The grip mounts directly to the handguard with supplied KeyMod attachment point.
  • Made of solid aluminum and stainless steel for unmatched durability.
  • The KeyMod AR-15 vertical grip can be removed while leaving the attachment point in place.
  • None.


16# Samson Manufacturing Corp Keymod Long Vertical Grip

Samson Manufacturing Corp Keymod Long Vertical Grip

The Samson Manufacturing Corp Keymod Long Vertical Grip is a high-quality grip that is specifically designed for use with Keymod rails. Made from solid aluminum, this grip allows the user to have a proper hand placement on the fore-end with no gap or Picatinny rail interference. The low-profile mounting plate will not get in the way even when the grip is removed, and the stainless steel backer bar keeps the plate securely in place. This grip features a solid steel rod through the center for added strength and to permit quick detachment.

  • Specifically designed for Keymod rails.
  • A solid aluminum grip mounts directly to the handguard.
  • The grip features a solid steel rod through the center for added strength and to permit quick detachment.
  • A low-profile mounting plate will not get in the way even when the grip is removed.
  • May not be compatible with all AR-15s.
  • The grip could be too long for some users.


Installation ⚙️

Installing a vertical grip is a straightforward process that doesn’t require specialized tools. Follow these simple steps to ensure a successful installation:

  1. Safety First: Ensure your AR-15 is unloaded and the chamber is clear. Always prioritize safety when working with firearms.
  2. Locate Attachment Point: Identify the Picatinny, KeyMod, or M-LOK attachment point on your handguard where the vertical grip will be mounted.
  3. Prepare the Grip: If necessary, attach any included mounting adapters or hardware to the grip, following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Align and Insert: Align the grip’s mounting interface with the attachment point on your handguard, then insert it fully.
  5. Secure the Grip: Depending on the grip’s design, tighten any screws or locking mechanisms to ensure a secure fit. Be careful not to over-tighten and risk damaging the handguard or grip.
  6. Test for Stability: Confirm that the vertical grip is securely attached by applying gentle pressure and checking for any movement or wiggling.
  7. Final Inspection: Double-check the grip’s stability and ensure all screws are properly tightened before using your AR-15.

Watch this video to find more information 💻


How to Clean AR-15 Vertical Grip?

🧼 Step 1: Prepare Cleaning Area Set up a clean and well-ventilated area for the cleaning process. Lay down a protective surface, such as a cleaning mat or towel, to prevent any damage to the grip or work surface.

🌬️ Step 2: Disassemble (If Applicable) If your vertical grip is designed for disassembly, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to disassemble it. Some grips may have removable panels, inserts, or internal components that can be taken apart for thorough cleaning.

🌊 Step 3: Clean with Mild Solution Dampen a soft cloth or sponge with a mild cleaning solution. This can be a mixture of warm water and mild dish soap or a dedicated firearm cleaning solution. Avoid using harsh chemicals that could potentially damage the grip’s surface or materials.

🖐️ Step 4: Wipe Down the Grip Gently wipe down the entire surface of the grip using the damp cloth or sponge. Pay attention to any textured areas or grooves that may require extra cleaning. Ensure that the cleaning solution reaches all parts of the grip.

💦 Step 5: Rinse (If Applicable) If your vertical grip is waterproof or designed to withstand water exposure, you can rinse it with clean water to remove any remaining cleaning solution. Otherwise, skip this step and proceed to dry.

🧽 Step 6: Dry Thoroughly Using a clean, dry cloth or towel, carefully dry the grip to remove any moisture. Pay close attention to crevices, corners, and textured areas to ensure complete drying. Leaving moisture on the grip could lead to potential damage or corrosion over time.

🔬 Step 7: Inspect and Reassemble Inspect the grip for any remaining dirt, residue, or damage. If necessary, repeat the cleaning process or address any specific areas that need additional attention. Once satisfied, reassemble the grip following the manufacturer’s instructions, if applicable.

Step 8: Final Inspection Before reattaching the grip to your AR-15, perform a final inspection to ensure it is clean, dry, and in good condition. Check for any loose screws or signs of wear that may require further attention or maintenance.

How To Choose an AR-15 Vertical Grip?

Consider the following factors to make an informed decision:

👉 1. Shooting Style: Determine your shooting style and preferences. Are you a precision shooter, a competitive shooter, or a tactical enthusiast? Understanding your shooting style will help you choose a grip that suits your specific requirements.

👉 2. Ergonomics: Look for a vertical grip that offers ergonomic features such as a comfortable grip shape, textured surfaces, and finger grooves. This ensures a secure and comfortable hold, even during extended shooting sessions.

👉 3. Attachment System: Consider the attachment system of your AR-15’s handguard, whether it’s Picatinny, KeyMod, or M-LOK. Ensure that the vertical grip you choose is compatible with your rifle’s specific attachment system to ensure a secure and stable fit.

👉 4. Length and Size: Take into account the length and size of the vertical grip. Longer grips provide more surface area for a full-hand grip, while shorter grips offer a more compact profile. Choose the length that aligns with your shooting style and personal preference.

👉 5. Material and Construction: Assess the materials used in the construction of the grip. Consider factors such as durability, weight, and weather resistance. Polymer grips are lightweight and cost-effective, while aluminum and carbon fibre grips offer enhanced durability and premium finishes.

👉 6. Texture and Grip Surface: Pay attention to the texture and grip surface of the vertical grip. Look for options with a non-slip texture or stippling that provides a secure hold, even in wet or sweaty conditions.

👉 7. Customization Options: Some grips offer customization features such as interchangeable backstraps, adjustable angles, or accessory integration. If you value flexibility and customization, opt for a grip that allows you to tailor it to your preferences.

👉 8. Reviews and Recommendations: Read customer reviews and seek recommendations from fellow AR-15 owners or shooting communities. Their experiences and insights can help you make an informed decision and discover potential grip options you may have overlooked.

👉 9. Price and Budget: Set a budget that suits your financial constraints and consider the price range of the vertical grips you’re interested in. Remember that while cost-effective options are available, investing in a higher-quality grip can provide long-term value and durability.

Watch this video to find more information 💻

What are the Materials of AR-15 Vertical Grips?
Polymer: Polymer grips offer excellent durability and are often lightweight, making them a popular choice for those seeking a balance between performance and affordability.

Aluminum: Aluminum grips provide robustness and a premium feel, while still keeping weight in check. They are favored by shooters who value durability and a more refined finish.

Carbon Fiber: Carbon fibre grips offer exceptional strength-to-weight ratios, making them ideal for shooters seeking the utmost in durability while minimizing added weight to their AR-15.

What are the Finishes of AR-15 Vertical Grips?

To match the aesthetic appeal of your AR-15, vertical grips are available in various finishes. Here are some popular options:

  • Black: The timeless and versatile black finish suits any AR-15 setup, blending seamlessly with most colour schemes.
  • Flat Dark Earth (FDE): FDE grips provide a unique and earthy tone that adds character to your rifle while complementing desert-themed or camo patterns.
  • Olive Drab Green (OD Green): OD Green offers a classic military look, ideal for those wanting to evoke a traditional vibe with their AR-15’s appearance.
What are the Aims of AR-15 Vertical Grips?

They serve multiple purposes, all aimed at enhancing your shooting experience. Here are some of the primary aims these grips can help you achieve:

  • 🛑 Improved Control and Stability: By providing a solid gripping surface, vertical grips enable you to maintain a firm hold on your AR-15, resulting in enhanced control and stability during rapid or sustained fire.
  • 🛑 Recoil Management: The ergonomic design and added support offered by these grips contribute to mitigating recoil, reducing muzzle rise, and allowing for quicker follow-up shots.
  • 🛑 Better Weapon Manipulation: With a vertical grip, you can easily manipulate your firearm, especially during magazine changes, clearing malfunctions, or transitioning between targets, thanks to the added leverage and control it offers.
What is better - Vertical Fore Grip vs Angled Fore Grip ?

When it comes to choosing between a vertical foregrip (VFG) and an angled fore grip (AFG) for your AR-15, it ultimately boils down to personal preference and shooting style. Let’s explore the characteristics and benefits of each to help you make an informed decision.

👉 Vertical Fore Grip (VFG) 👍

✨ The vertical foregrip, as the name suggests, features a straight, vertical orientation. Here’s why it might be the right choice for you:

  • Enhanced Stability: A VFG provides excellent stability by allowing you to maintain a firm grip on your AR-15. Its vertical alignment promotes a more natural shooting posture and helps reduce muzzle rise, aiding in quick follow-up shots and improved control.
  • Versatile Grip Positioning: With a VFG, you have the flexibility to place your hand at various positions along the grip, depending on your shooting style and comfort. This adaptability enables you to find the grip position that works best for you, enhancing both control and ergonomics.
  • Traditional and Familiar: The VFG design aligns with the classic and familiar grip style, making it a popular choice among traditional shooters and those who prefer a more conventional approach to handling their AR-15.

👉 Angled Fore Grip (AFG) 👍

✨ The angled fore grip deviates from the traditional vertical orientation, offering a more slanted or angled grip surface. Consider these factors if you’re leaning toward an AFG:

  • Natural Hand Placement: An AFG encourages a more relaxed and natural hand placement, with the grip angled backwards. This allows for a more comfortable shooting experience, especially during extended shooting sessions or when engaging multiple targets.
  • Improved Maneuverability: The slanted design of an AFG enables smoother transitions between targets and facilitates better weapon manoeuvrability. It acts as a hand stop, preventing your hand from sliding too far forward on the handguard, ensuring consistent hand placement and quicker target acquisition.
  • Space-Saving Option: If you value compactness and prefer a grip that takes up less real estate on your AR-15’s handguard, an AFG offers a streamlined profile and maybe a preferable choice.

We believe this video can be helpful for you 📺

Conclusion 🙂

AR-15 vertical grips offer shooters enhanced control, stability, and ergonomics, regardless of their skill level or shooting style. They are legal attachments for AR-15 rifles and can be easily installed without modifications. Vertical grips come in various materials, sizes, and textures, allowing for customization based on individual preferences. While they may add a slight increase in weight, their impact on the overall balance of the rifle is minimal. Regular cleaning and maintenance are recommended to keep the grip in optimal condition. Ultimately, choosing the right vertical grip involves considering factors such as shooting style, attachment system compatibility, and personal comfort. Happy shooting! 🔫✨

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Greek Man
Greek Man
3 months ago

I personally don’t use vertical foregrips anymore. When I did, it was the top third, angled up onto the rail, so when the AFGs came out I was all about them. Much better and more efficient use of the real estate.

    3 months ago

    Can I switch between different types of vertical grips easily?

      3 months ago
      Reply to  Sam

      🔵 Yes, switching between different types of vertical grips is generally straightforward, especially if they use the same attachment system (e.g., Picatinny, KeyMod, or M-LOK). Simply detach the existing grip and attach the new one following the appropriate installation instructions.

        3 months ago

        An improved grip and control of the centre of gravity of front-heavy guns try stubby or foregrips. For back-heavy guns, consider angled or slanted grips for greater stability and ease of use. Hand stops are a compromise between the two but are best suited for rifles between 16-20 inches that do not require a large grip. Avoid folding grips.

          3 months ago

          Are vertical grips legal for AR-15 rifles?

            3 months ago
            Reply to  Genty

            🟢 In most jurisdictions, vertical grips are legal attachments for AR-15 rifles. However, it’s essential to familiarize yourself with local firearm laws and regulations to ensure compliance.

              3 months ago

              In 2010, I purchased the original Magpul AFG, which greatly improved the handling of my M4 rifle compared to the issued GripPod. Currently, I am working towards building a replica of that rifle, with a higher priority on completing the Mk.12 Mod.0 first.

                3 months ago

                In my time at the police academy, we were required to complete a pistol qualification course twice. The first time was under normal conditions with no physical exhaustion. The second time, we had to complete the same course under stress and with physical exhaustion. Surprisingly, I performed better during the second attempt and I realized it may have been because my body entered into survival mode despite feeling like I was close to exhaustion.

                  3 months ago

                  I have a vertical grip and an angled fore grip. I modified the back of the fore grip so that it sits almost flush with the vertical grip. Holding it is quite comfortable and it works well when pulling it back onto my shoulder.

                    3 months ago

                    Hello! Will adding a vertical grip affect the overall weight and balance of my AR-15?

                      3 months ago
                      Reply to  Hector

                      🟡 Yes, the addition of a vertical grip will slightly increase the weight of your rifle, but the impact on balance is minimal. Choosing lightweight materials like polymer or carbon fiber can help mitigate any significant weight differences.