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What can be more important than self-dependence in dangerous situations? To ensure your relatives’ and your safety is worth learning a wide range of protective means to choose the most appropriate one, corresponding to age and physical abilities.

Best Ankle Holster - Editor's Choice

If you don’t want to rely on such protective measures as: tactical pens, keychain alarms, pepper sprays, stun guns, penknives, or others, you will be able to consider a weapon. Read this review, and make a decision, which ankle holster will suit your gun the best.

Why do we need an ankle holster?

Ankle carry holster is an efficient way to hide a weapon and use it in a risky moment unexpectedly for an assailant. Furthermore, carrying a handgun in some states is legal only if you wear a holster for it. As a rule, right-handed people fix the gun holster on the left ankle, inside, while left-handed shooters prefer the right ankle, inside. It’s better to ensure easy access to the ankle holster, by regular practicing to draw the weapon, not to miss the point.

Best Pick: AL160B Galco Ankle Lite, Leather Holster

AL160B Galco Ankle Lite Ankle Holster

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The firearm in this holster can be carried only with an empty chamber, the cock down on. Wearers of Galco Ankle Lite CCW Holsters admit it’s so comfortable to carry a double-action revolver or semi-automatic pistol in them, that they don’t feel a weapon while moving during the day.

Budget Pick: Elite Survival Systems Ankle Holster

Elite Survival Systems Ankle Holster

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ESS has long-term experience in producing high-performance tactical gear for police officers on duty and soldiers. The Holster has an ambidextrous design, which is appropriate for both hands to put a revolver on it. ESS ankle holster has the leg panel from synthetic shearling-backed polymer to ensure a close fit and secure non-slip gun carrying.

TOP-13 Best Ankle Holster

Galco Ankle Glove Leather Handgun Ankle HolstersGalcoBUY
AL160B Galco Ankle Lite Ankle HolsterGalcoBUY
Fobus Evolution Ankle HolsterFobusBUY
Elite Survival Systems Ankle HolsterElite Survival SystemsBUY
BlackHawk Ankle Holster 40AHBlackHawkBUY
Fobus Ankle Holsters fit Glock 26/ 27/ 33 GL26A GL26NDAFobusBUY
Gould & Goodrich B816 Ankle Concealment Holster Plus GarterGould & GoodrichBUY
Uncle Mike's Ankle Holsters 8820-1Uncle Mike'sBUY
Uncle Mike's Ankle Holster 3-4" Barrel Med Auto .32-.380 Cal 8821Uncle Mike'sBUY
Uncle Mike's Off-Duty and Concealment Kodra Nylon Ankle HolsterUncle Mike'sBUY
BLACKHAWK Ankle Holster, Black/Size 01, Left HandBLACKHAWKBUY
Gould & Goodrich 716 BootLock Ankle Holster for Backup GunGould & GoodrichBUY
Gould & Goodrich Neoprene Ankle HolstersGould & GoodrichBUY

#1 Galco Ankle Glove Leather Handgun Ankle Holsters

Galco Ankle Glove Leather Handgun Ankle Holsters

For discreetly firearms carrying Galco has designed 46 models of black Ankle Holsters, made from high-quality leather, including the neoprene ankle band (for up to 13in circular) with Velcro fastener and the reinforced thumb break on the retention belt. The manufacturer provides how-to guides with a video demonstration, in which it’s advised customers how to use leather holsters securely over time. The holsters don’t fit the Shield EZ or Smith & Wesson 640 Pro models and work only for lightweight handguns.

  • Additional security level is reached due to the reinforced thumb break;
  • Comfy: enough amount of genuine lambskin stuffing;
  • Comfortable for legs;
  • A bit pricey;
  • The limited adjustment: the strap doesn’t give necessary side support, especially while walking;
  • For good concealing of the loaded holster, it’s necessary to wear too wide or relaxed-fit trousers.

#2 AL160B Galco Ankle Lite Ankle Holster

AL160B Galco Ankle Lite Ankle Holster

The Ankle Holster with slip-on mount type is considered as Premium Center Cut Steerhide construction, which is designed with neoprene ankle band and Velcro closure. The Ankle Holster is compatible with Crimson Trace CTC Laserguard laser attachment. There are 23 available holster models. Keltec P3-AT and LC9s fit tight in holsters.

  • Lightweight;
  • Possible to use an optional calf strap;
  • Sheepskin padding absorbs sweat and to amortizes the gun pressure on the ankle particular point;
  • Tightness can be adjusted per the manufacturer’s instructions: to fit more precisely, it needs a bit of twisting in place.
  • There is no way to carry safely the p238 cocked and locked (no carrying in condition 1);
  • Sometimes belts can be not long enough for the calves, so it would be necessary to buy Galco’s Boot Extender to make it hold correctly on the leg.

#3 Fobus Evolution Ankle Holster

Fobus Evolution Ankle Holster

The Fobus concealed lightweight holsters for pistols should be worn on the ankle with the buckle facing ahead, passing through which the adjustable velcro strap and around the ankle, closing it backward firmly. As the holster is made of hard polymer, it’s recommended to wear it over the socks to exclude any rubbing with bare skin.

  • Comfort suede Cordura padding;
  • Holds well its position on the leg;
  • Low-profile design ensures good concealability in the pant leg;
  • Rapid gun presentation due to the passive retention: as there is no holding strap, it’s no need to unsnap it while drawing the gun;
  • Adjustment screw for fixation (on most models).
  • A bit bulky;
  • While moving the holster slips;
  • When the holsters don’t keep the LCPs close to the leg, it causes bad concealment;
  • Can slip out, if the belt isn’t fixed well.

#4 Elite Survival Systems Ankle Holster

Elite Survival Systems Ankle Holster

Elite Survival Systems (ESS) produces durable, hard-charging law enforcement equipment. The Advanced Ankle Holster is made of elastic, nylon materials; it consists of an ankle band with a Velcro closure and an opening for a knife or extra magazine. The Holster has an ambidextrous design, which is appropriate for both hands to put a revolver on it. The list of the holster fitting revolver models of 4 sizes is indicated in the specification.

  • Reasonable price;
  • Reversible and interchangeable holster: the holster angle, height, Thumb Break strap can be adjusted;
  • Close fit is provided due to the leg panel from synthetic shearling-backed polymer and its elastic PowerPanel.
  • Calf Strap is an additional accessory;
  • No mag holder;
  • The weapon “wiggles” a bit, as it isn’t fixed as the leg wrap does on the leg: it depends on the revolver weight.

#5 BlackHawk Ankle Holster 40AH

BlackHawk Ankle Holster 40AH

BlackHawk Ankle Holster 40AH has a non-stretch retention strap, a molded thumb break, and a softback layer from knit fabric, ensuring against the skin comfy wearing. This holster is compatible with thin guns such as the Kel-Tec PF-9, but not for bulky ones such as XD-40 subcompact (3″). Concealable Nylon Ankle Holsters are designed in black colors for 10 available models. It’s necessary to check the compatibility of gun models with holsters types.

  • Moisture-resistant padding is made of closed-cell foam;
  • Doesn’t move around the ankle;
  • Well-adjustable straps for any size ankle;
  • California’s Proposition 65 warning;
  • Curled strap end can prink the leg;
  • Support strap below the knee is a bit small;
  • For muscular legs the buckle can be uncomfortable for long-wearing;
  • Not so easy to draw the weapon.

#6 Fobus Ankle Holsters fit Glock 26/ 27/ 33 GL26A GL26NDA

Fobus Ankle Holsters fit Glock 26/ 27/ 33 GL26A GL26NDA

Fobus Ankle Holsters are the right-hand models (worn on the left ankle), which are compatible with Glock 26 / 27 / 33 GL26A GL26NDA. The holster is equipped with an adjustable VELCRO fastener strap and a 3/4″ thick Cordura suede-lined pad.

  • Lightweight;
  • Concealability in pant leg is reached by low-profile construction;
  • On most models there is a retention fixing screw;
  • Passive retention ensures quick presentation.
  • Wearing for a long period makes the holster a bit uncomfortable.

#7 Gould & Goodrich B816 Ankle Concealment Holster Plus Garter

Gould & Goodrich B816 Ankle Concealment Holster Plus Garter

Gould and Goodrich well-finishing finely-crafted leather pistol holsters meet concealment, value, and quality requirements. There is an adjustable neoprene band that holds the ankle holster tight. The G&G manufacturer offers 8 models, half of them for a right-handed draw, the rest for the left hand. Each holster type is designed for one of these gun brands: Taurus, Glock, Walther, SIG Sauer, or Colt. You can choose the necessary one from the Gould and Goodrich holsters specification.

  • The genuine sheepskin liner provides the ankle with comfy softness;
  • The garter is included in the holster set;
  • Excellent fit;
  • Easy to draw the gun.
  • The flexible leather makes feel that the weapon isn’t fully secure, as with a belt holster, so it takes time to get used to it.

#8 Uncle Mike’s Ankle Holsters 8820-1

Uncle Mike's Ankle Holsters 8820-1

Uncle Mike’s Ankle Holsters conceal small frame revolvers, medium guns, even compact large-frame autos inside the pant leg. Ankle Holsters are outfitted with the reinforced thumb break as well as nylon web retention strap. There are two straps: a wrap-around ankle and removable for the calf. Right (left)-hand holster type is worn on the inside left (right) ankle.

  • Affordable and well-constructed;
  • Kodra nylon with soft-knit fabric ensures long convenience;
  • Cinch-down design with the adjustment for hook and loop.
  • California’s Proposition 65 warning;
  • Elastic calf strap is a bit unpleasant for skin;
  • The holster with the large gun slides down the leg, but after pulling it much tighter, it becomes uncomfy for long-wearing;
  • Not for a prompt draw, neither for tightly fitting pant legs.

#9 Uncle Mike’s Ankle Holster 3-4″ Barrel Med Auto .32-.380 Cal 8821

Uncle Mike's Ankle Holster 3-4" Barrel Med Auto .32-.380 Cal 8821

Uncle Mike’s Ankle Holster design for 3-4 Inch Barrel Medium Automatic includes the idea of the concealed-carry holsters used as Police Gear for undercover officers. There are 2 models for right and left hands to draw. Cordura nylon is a durable holster material. The calf strap adjusts removable VELCRO closure.

  • High-concealed design, easy to draw and convenient to wear;
  • A soft-knit fabric ensures convenient wearing;
  • The gun fits well, even with the laser grip;
  • Lightweight, easy to put on and adjust fully;
  • Safely holding due to a nylon web retention strap with a reinforced thumb break.
  • California’s Proposition 65 warning.

#10 Uncle Mike’s Off-Duty and Concealment Kodra Nylon Ankle Holster

Uncle Mike's Off-Duty and Concealment Kodra Nylon Ankle Holster

Uncle Mike’s holsters are made of robust, reliable Cordura nylon material and have an adjustable hammer and calf straps as well, which makes the guns fitting snug in them. They are not quick draw holsters, but they secure the weapon well and are not detectable at once. The holsters’ country of origin is Vietnam. The ankle holsters are designed in 2 models for both hands. The compatibility with the weapon makes and holster sizing chart can be found at Uncle Mike’s website.

  • Both straps are easy-moveable to the different holster positions;
  • The entire holster side is the velcro fastener, which helps suit leg form;
  • Good for short barrel gun makes;
  • Value for money;
  • The reinforced thumb break is on the nylon web retention strap.
  • The sizing chart on Amazon is incorrect;
  • The elastic strap is rather weak, not ensuring the expected tightness;
  • It’s not appropriate for the mid- and large-size guns: an empty holster is nice, but with the gun feels sloppy;
  • The lack of a non-slip neoprene pad to diffuse the pressure and keep the holster from slipping down.

#11 BLACKHAWK Ankle Holster, Black/Size 01, Left Hand

BLACKHAWK Ankle Holster, Black/Size 01, Left Hand

The BLACKHAWK production process corresponds to all performance requirements as it has a history, coming from one navy seal’s experience and honor. The ankle holsters are constructed for a left-handed draw and fit medium frame autos of 3″-4″ barrel (.32-.380 Cal). Elastic belt around the calf prevents the holster from slipping on the leg.

  • Comfy, soft-knit fabric;
  • Moisture-resistant padded closed-cell foam;
  • Non-stretch retention strap with a molded thumb break.
  • Warning of California’s Proposition 65;
  • No negative reviews yet.

#12 Gould & Goodrich 716 BootLock Ankle Holster for Backup Gun

Gould & Goodrich 716 BootLock Ankle Holster for Backup Gun

Gould & Goodrich holsters are crafted with reliable-quality grain leather, using rigid composite materials, and high-density molded plastic retention devices for durable platforms. The Gould & Goodrich Pistol Holster should be fixed on the boot, such construction helps decrease the gun weight without the necessity to put it on the ankle. Black Ankle Holster is constructed with leg straps and thumb break.

  • Worn over boot ”at ankle”;
  • Good maneuverability: you can run, jump, climb easily due to the holster fixation on the boot;
  • The boot laces can be used for additional security.
  • It hardly rotates, it prevents it from making it flat against the ankle.

#13 Gould & Goodrich Neoprene Ankle Holsters

Gould & Goodrich Neoprene Ankle Holsters

Gould & Goodrich has designed concealable neoprene ankle holsters with a secure, affordable handgun mounting platform. The Neoprene Ankle Holsters have two sizes to accommodate most small to medium frame handguns. The optional G&G Leg Garter can be attached through a D-ring to the ankle holster.

  • Lightweight neoprene ankle wrap is more breathable than nylon, which is usually used for other holsters.
  • Soft lambskin padding makes Gould & Goodrich holster come in handy for a long day;
  • An adjustable strap is added security to the holster;
  • Available for right or left-hand draw.
  • No negative reviews.


There is no one unique holster good for all gun brands. It’s considered per the customers’ reviews that for revolvers fit better Fobus Ankle Holster (#3, #6), for Glocks is Galco (#1, #2), for Ruger LCP 380 Gould and Goodrich (#7, #12, #13). Try to choose for your firearm model not only comfortable but a reliable holster as well. As the leather has the feature to get softer and pliable, tending to absorb the moisture in wet climates, it would be necessary to prevent the holster deformation by constantly oiling it. If you don’t want much care for the holster, but you need consistently good performance, you can pick out the holder, made from other modern materials. Check with your dominant hand from which side it’ll be convenient to draw the weapon, then fix the ankle carry holster there, remembering every awkward second can be crucial.

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