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The .458 SOCOM was designed in response to the paucity of power provided by the 5.56nato cartridge utilized in the M4 carbine and M16 rifle, as well as informal discussion among special operations personnel, particularly Task Force Ranger’s knowledge that multiple shots were required to neutralize members of the opposing force during Operation Gothic Serpent in Mogadishu. Created in 2000, this powerful ammunition has become popular not only among the military but also among big game hunters.

So, whether you are just starting out with 458 SOCOM or you are looking for an upgrade, read on for information on the best ammo options available.​

Best 458 Socom Ammo

Best 458 Socom Ammo Reviews

1# Grizzly – 458 Socom – 300 Grain – 20 Rounds

Grizzly - 458 Socom - 300 Grain - 20 Rounds

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The Grizzly 458 Socom Ammo is just the thing you need for your next big hunting trip. This product is made with reliable and durable materials that will last you for years to come. With its 20 rounds, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to take down your prey. The jacketed hollow point bullet is designed to give you maximum accuracy, while the 300-grain weight ensures that you’ll have plenty of power behind each shot. The brass cartridge case is also built to last, so you can rest assured knowing that your ammo will be ready when you are.

  • Hard-kicker
  • Deep penetration
  • Reliable
  • Affordably priced
  • Reloadable
  • Not widely available


2# Grizzly – 458 Socom – 350 Grain – 20 Rounds

Grizzly - 458 Socom - 350 Grain - 20 Rounds

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The Grizzly 458 Socom 350 Grain Bonded Flat Point Ammunition is a top quality product that is designed to provide years of reliable performance. Formulated using some of the most durable and reliable components available, this ammo is perfect for anyone looking for an outstanding option. Grizzly Cartridge has been developing superior quality products for many years, and the Grizzly 458 Socom 350 Grain Bonded Flat Point Ammunition is their way of demonstrating just how much they care about their customers. This load offers accuracy, power, and terminal performance at a very competitive price, making it one of the best values on the market today. While 458 Socom is still not a SAAMI-adopted cartridge, it continues to grow in popularity year after year.

  • Devastating stopping power
  • Reloadable
  • Accurate
  • High-quality components
  • Might be hard to find



What is the point of 458 SOCOM?

The458 SOCOM (Special Operations Command) is a large bore cartridge designed for AR-15 rifles. It was developed in response to requests from the military for a more powerful round for close-quarters combat. The 458 SOCOM round is significantly larger and more powerful than the 5.56 NATO round, which is the standard ammunition for AR-15 rifles. The 458 SOCOM was designed to provide superior penetration and stopping power at close range, while still being able to be fired from a standard AR-15 rifle. The round is also effective at longer ranges than the 5.56 NATO, making it a versatile cartridge for both close-quarters combat and long-range shooting.

Is 458 SOCOM good for long-range?

The 458 SOCOM offers great potential for long-range shooting, but it is by no means a “long-range” caliber. It is a very large and powerful round, and as such, it has significant recoil. This can make accurate shots at long range difficult, especially for novice shooters. The key to using the 458 SOCOM at long range is to understand its limitations and to practice with it extensively. With proper training and practice, the 458 SOCOM can be an effective long-range caliber.

Do you need a different lower for 458 SOCOM?

No, any AR-15 lower will work just fine. The only difference is that you’ll need a slightly larger magazine to accommodate the 458 SOCOM’s larger rounds. Other than that, there’s no difference between a 458 SOCOM lower and any other AR-15 lower.

Is 50 Beowulf bigger than 458 SOCOM?

The 50 Beowulf® is a large caliber, short recoiling round designed to provide the terminal ballistics of the traditional 12 gauge slug, but in a platform typically reserved for small caliber ammunition. It accomplishes this by firing a .50 caliber, 325-grain projectile at 2000 feet per second. The 458 SOCOM is slightly smaller in diameter but fires a heavier bullet at a slightly higher velocity.

How many 458 SOCOM rounds fit in a mag?

Most 458 SOCOM magazines will hold between 5 and 10 rounds.

Is 458 SOCOM reliable?

The 458 SOCOM is a high-powered round that is designed for use in AR-15 rifles. It is an excellent choice for hunting or self-defense. The round has a good reputation for reliability and accuracy.

Is 458 SOCOM accurate?

The precision of the 458 SOCOM can reach up to 200 yards, while gun owners have reported a group of .75 inch at 100 yards.



The.458 SOCOM is an excellent choice for those who need a high-caliber round but don’t want to sacrifice their AR gun’s accuracy. It’s purpose-driven, which means it’s designed for maximum performance with minimal modification to your AR setup. In this article, we have provided reviews of some of the best ammo on the market. We hope that you found this information helpful and that it will help you make the right decision when purchasing ammunition for your 458 Socom.

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