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Best 223 WSSM AMMO

What is 223 WSSM Ammo?💡

It is a high-velocity rifle cartridge developed by Browning Arms Company and Winchester Ammunition. Introduced in 2003, it is considered the fastest .22 calibre round in the world, with a velocity of over 4,000 feet per second. The cartridge is used primarily for hunting small game and varmints. Despite its impressive performance, the 223 WSSM has been subject to criticism due to its tendency to erode the bore of a rifle quickly if not properly maintained.

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This ammo exhibits several distinctive features that set it apart:

  1. High Velocity: The hallmark is its unparalleled speed. It holds the title for the fastest .22 calibre round in the world, with a velocity exceeding 4,000 feet per second. This not only improves the bullet’s flat trajectory but also enhances its impact power.
  2. Compact Design: The cartridge’s super short magnum design enables it to fit into short-action rifles, making it versatile and adaptable. Despite its compact size, it boasts an impressive capacity for propellant, contributing to its high velocity.
  3. Hunting Use: Its high velocity and flat trajectory make it an ideal round for hunting small game and varmint. It delivers rapid, lethal impact, ensuring a successful hunt.
  4. Maintenance Requirements: One of the criticisms of the 223 Winchester Super Short Magnum is its tendency to erode the bore of the rifle quickly. This necessitates regular and thorough maintenance to prolong the firearm’s lifespan. However, with appropriate care, this downside can be managed.
  5. Availability: Although not as widely available as some other .22 calibre rounds due to its specialized nature, this ammo can still be found at select retailers and online stores.
Our Top Pick
223 WSSM – Winchester Ballistic Silvertip
Experience the epitome of exceptional quality with Winchester Ballistic Silvertip ammunition. Crafted for hunters who demand extraordinary results, this ammunition offers the perfect fusion of explosive impact and unparalleled precision. Engineered to excel in all hunting scenarios, it stands as the ideal choice for neutralizing predators. Each cartridge is meticulously loaded with a polymer-tipped bullet designed to fragment upon impact (FPT), ensuring an optimal blend of energy transfer and unmatched terminal performance.
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🗞️ Soft Point: It is ideal for hunting due to its expansion upon impact, causing a wider wound channel and ensuring a quick, humane kill.

🗞️ Polymer Tip: Polymer Tip ammunition provides improved long-range performance, thanks to its superior aerodynamics. It’s beneficial for both hunting and target shooting.

🗞️ Full Metal Jacket (FMJ): The FMJ rounds are typically used for target shooting and plinking. They’re less expensive and don’t expand upon impact like hunting ammo.

🗞️ Hollow Point (HP): HP ammo is typically used for hunting and self-defence, as it expands upon impact, causing more damage to the target.

Typical Applications💠

The 223 Winchester Super Short Magnum serves several purposes, primarily in the realm of shooting and hunting.

  1. Hunting Small Game: The high velocity exceeding 4,000 feet per second makes it an excellent choice for hunting small game. Its speed guarantees a flat trajectory, reducing the need for extensive range adjustments and increasing the likelihood of a successful, humane kill. Small game animals that can be hunted with this round include rabbits, squirrels, and groundhogs.
  2. Varmint Hunting: It is also a popular choice for varmint hunting. In this context, “varmint” refers to destructive or nuisance animals such as coyotes, foxes, and prairie dogs. The round’s high velocity and impact power ensure rapid, fatal hits, reducing the chance of an animal suffering.
  3. Target Shooting: For target shooting enthusiasts, this ammunition offers advantages. Its high velocity and flat trajectory lead to lesser wind deflection, improving accuracy and precision. Various types, such as full metal jackets and polymer tips, cater to the specific demands of target shooting.
  4. Self-Defenceself-defence: While not as common, some may choose to use it for self-defence. Hollow Point variants of the round are designed to expand upon impact, causing significant damage and stopping an assailant swiftly.
  5. Sport Shooting: Impressive speed also has a place in sport shooting, where competitors aim for speed, accuracy, and precision. Its fast, flat trajectory and the thrill of handling the world’s fastest .22 calibre round add to the appeal.

In all these uses, one must remember the unique maintenance requirements of the 223 Winchester Super Short Magnum. The high velocity and heat generated can lead to faster bore erosion. Therefore, regular cleaning and maintenance are crucial to keep the rifle in top condition.

Best 223 WSSM Ammo

1# 223 WSSM – Hsm Ammo – 55gr – 20 Rounds

223 Wssm - Hsm Ammunition Hsm Ammo - 55gr - 20 Rounds

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The HSM Ammunition Hsm Ammo .223 Wssm Hornady V-max 20-pack is a high-quality product designed for durability and long-lasting performance. Manufactured with dependable components, this product is built to last and provide years of service. The skilled product experts at HSM Ammunition have designed this product using the latest in engineering and technology, to provide you with a product that is reliable and easy to use.

  • Durable
  • Long-lasting
  • Reliable
  • Easy to use
  • May be difficult to find


2# 223 WSSM – Winchester – 40gr – 50 Rounds

223 Wssm - Winchester - 40gr - 50 Rounds

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The Winchester .22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire Jacketed Hollow-Point Rimfire Ammunition is a top-quality product that is perfect for anyone who wants a reliable and durable piece of equipment. Winchester has been making high-quality products for many years, and this is their way of showing how much they care about their customers. With its robust and long-lasting components, this Rimfire Ammo from Winchester will give you years of dependable performance.

  • Robust and long-lasting
  • High-quality product
  • Many years of stability
  • It’s ideal for target shooting
  • Relatively high price
  • Not very versatile


3# 223 WSSM – Winchester Super-x Rifle – 65gr – 20 Rounds

223 Wssm - Winchester Super-x Rifle - 65gr - 20 Rounds

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The 223 WSSM – Winchester Super-X Rifle – is a top-quality choice for hunters and shooters who demand the best performance from their ammunition. With a muzzle velocity of 3600 ft/s and muzzle energy of 1841 ft-lbs, this 64-grain soft point bullet is designed for optimum performance on a deer-sized game. The brass cartridge case ensures reliable feeding and extraction, while the centerfire primer provides consistent ignition. This 20-round box of ammunition is perfect for taking down your next trophy.

  • A hard-hitting bullet designed for deer-sized game
  • The brass cartridge case ensures reliable feeding and extraction
  • Centerfire primer provides consistent ignition
  • The muzzle energy may not be enough for some applications


4# 223 WSSM – Winchester Ballistic Silvertip – 55gr – 20 Rounds

223 Wssm - Winchester Ballistic Silvertip - 55gr - 20 Rounds

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For those who appreciate legendary excellence, Winchester Ballistic Silvertip ammunition provides hunters with proven explosive impact and extreme precision. This top-of-the-line ammo is designed for optimal performance in any hunting situation and is perfect for taking down predators. Each round is loaded with a fragmenting polymer tip (FPT) bullet that delivers maximum energy transfer and terminal performance.

  • Polymer Tip resists deformation and maximizes long-range performance
  • Lead core provides rapid fragmentation in varmint bullets
  • Boat Tail design delivers excellent long-range accuracy
  • Lubalox Coating reduces engraving forces and barrel fouling
  • It may not penetrate deep enough
  • Slightly more expensive than others



Handloading, or reloading, involves assembling your ammunition using individual components. It provides the opportunity to customize the ammo to fit your specific needs, potentially enhancing accuracy and reducing cost. When dealing with specialized rounds, understanding the process and safety rules becomes even more crucial.

Main Terms🔑

  1. Brass: This is the casing that holds the primer, powder, and bullet. It must be properly cleaned and inspected before reloading. You may need to trim the casings due to their high-pressure nature.
  2. Primer: This is the small, sensitive compound that ignites the powder when struck by the firearm’s firing pin. Always handle with care.
  3. Powder: This is the propellant that drives the bullet. It is crucial to use the correct type and amount of powder to ensure safety and performance.
  4. Bullet: This is the object that is discharged from the barrel of the gun. The type of bullet chosen depends on the intended use of the ammo, whether for hunting or target shooting.


Step 1: Inspect the Brass: Check each case for any visible defects like cracks or dents. Discard any damaged cases.

Step 2: Resizing: This involves returning the brass to its original size using a resizing die. After firing, brass expands and needs to be resized before it can be used again.

Step 3: Priming: Using a priming tool, replace the old primer with a new one.

Step 4: Powder Charging: Measure and dispense the correct amount of powder into the case.

Step 5: Seating the Bullet: Place the bullet into a seating die and press it into the case.

Step 6: Crimping: This is the final step and is done to ensure the bullet stays in place. Not all rounds require crimping, but it’s often beneficial for rounds used in semi-automatic rifles.

Safety Rules⚠️

  1. Wear Protective Gear: Always wear safety glasses and maintain a clean, organized workspace.
  2. Follow Instructions: Only use load data from a reliable source and strictly adhere to the listed maximum loads.
  3. Store Properly: Store primers and powder in a cool, dry place, away from heat and open flames.
  4. Avoid Distractions: Do not engage in handloading while distracted or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  5. Inspect Regularly: Always examine your tools and components before each reloading session to ensure everything is in good working order.

Handloading can be immensely rewarding but should be approached with care and respect. The high velocities and pressures involved necessitate careful attention to detail and strict adherence to safety guidelines.

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What is the difference between 223 and 223 WSSM ammo?

These are two different types of ammunition that may seem similar due to their nomenclature, but they have key differences.

✅ The .223 Remington, commonly used in AR-15 rifles, has been a staple among varmint hunters and target shooters for its accuracy, availability, and relatively low cost.

✅ On the other hand, the .223 Winchester Super Short Magnum was developed to offer a significantly higher velocity and flatter trajectory than the .223 Remington. It delivers a higher muzzle velocity, often exceeding 4,000 feet per second, making it the fastest .22 calibre round in the world. This high velocity, coupled with the bullet’s flat trajectory, makes the .223 Winchester Super Short Magnum exceptionally potent for long-range shooting.

✅ However, the higher performance of the .223 Winchester Super Short Magnum comes with higher pressure and increased wear on the firearm, necessitating more frequent maintenance and potentially reducing the lifespan of the firearm.

While both rounds have their applications, the .223 Remington is generally more practical for regular use due to its accessibility and lower cost, whereas the .223 Winchester Super Short Magnum is better suited for specialized applications that require extraordinary speed and precision.

What is the difference between 224 Valkyrie and 223 WSSM ammo?

They are both notable for their high velocity and long-range capabilities. However, they each offer distinct advantages and disadvantages.

☑️ The .224 Valkyrie is known for its flat trajectory and ability to maintain high speed at long ranges, making it a popular choice for long-range target shooting and hunting medium-sized games. It was designed to fit in standard AR-15 rifles, making it very accessible for shooters who already own this common platform.

☑️ The .223 Winchester Super Short Magnum, on the other hand, boasts higher muzzle velocity and energy, often exceeding 4,000 feet per second, which makes it the fastest .22 calibre round in the world. This high velocity, along with the bullet’s flat trajectory, makes it very efficient for long-range shooting. However, its high performance comes at a cost. It produces more pressure and heat, which can cause increased wear on firearms and necessitate more frequent maintenance.

Therefore, while both are capable rounds, they serve different needs. The .224 Valkyrie provides a good balance of performance, cost, and availability, making it a practical choice for many shooters, while the .223 Winchester Super Short Magnum is more of a specialist’s round, offering exceptional speed and energy at the expense of higher costs and maintenance requirements.

What are the main advantages of using .223 WSSM ammo?

This ammunition brings several distinct advantages that make it a compelling choice for certain applications. Here are some of the main benefits:

  1. ✴️ Exceptional Speed: It is renowned for its phenomenal speed, often exceeding 4,000 feet per second, making it one of the fastest .22 calibre rounds available today.
  2. ✴️ Flat Trajectory: The high-velocity results in a very flat trajectory. This makes it highly effective for long-range shooting, as the bullet’s path deviates less from the line of sight.
  3. ✴️ High Energy: Thanks to its high speed, the packs a significant punch. It delivers high muzzle energy, which translates into superior stopping power and penetration.
  4. ✴️ Versatility: It is a versatile round, suitable for various applications like hunting small game, varmint hunting, target shooting, self-defence, and sport shooting. Different types of ammunition, such as the polymer tip, full metal jacket, and hollow point, cater to diverse shooting needs.
  5. ✴️ Compact Size: The ammo’s short, fat design contributes to efficient powder burning, which can lead to more consistent velocities and potentially greater accuracy. However, it’s important to note that these rounds require specific care and attention due to their high velocity and heat production.
What bullet weights are available for .223 WSSM ammo?

This ammunition is available in various bullet weights to cater to different shooting needs. Common bullet weights range from 50 to 64 grains, with the 55-grain bullet being among the most popular due to its balanced attributes of speed, trajectory, and impact.

Lighter bullets, such as the 50-grain variant, are typically faster and have a flatter trajectory, making them ideal for varmint hunting and long-range shooting.

Heavier bullets, like the 64-grain, offer more stopping power and are often used for larger games and self-defence. The specific bullet weight chosen should align with the shooter’s particular application, bearing in mind that different weights can significantly impact the round’s performance and effectiveness.

What is the effective range of .223 WSSM for hunting?
The effective range for hunting largely depends on the skill of the shooter, the specific bullet weight used, and the target game. However, given its high velocity and flat trajectory, it is generally considered effective up to 400-600 yards for varmint and small game hunting, when conditions are optimal. Beyond this range, the bullet drop and wind drift can become more challenging to manage accurately, even with its excellent trajectory. It’s important to remember that these are approximations and real-world factors such as wind, temperature, and altitude can affect the round’s performance. Therefore, it’s essential for hunters to understand their ammunition and practice regularly to accurately gauge their effective hunting range.



The 223 Winchester Super Short Magnum is a versatile and potent round, suitable for various applications including hunting small game, varmint hunting, target shooting, self-defence, and sport shooting. Its phenomenal speed and flat trajectory make it a preferred choice among many shooters. These different types of ammunition, like the polymer tip, full metal jacket, and hollow point, cater to diverse shooting needs. However, it’s crucial to remember that this round requires specific maintenance due to its high velocity and heat production. Moreover, for those considering handloading, understanding the process and safety measures is paramount. This includes knowledge about the main components – brass, primer, powder, and bullet, following a systematic guide, and adhering to safety rules. As with any firearm or ammunition, responsible usage and proper maintenance are key to ensuring safety and maximizing performance.


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2 months ago

So as I understood I can use .223 WSSM for varmint hunting. Is it correct?

    2 months ago
    Reply to  Warion

    🟢 Yes, this ammo is well-suited for varmint hunting. Its high velocity and flat trajectory make it effective for targeting small and medium-sized varmints at various distances. The cartridge’s accuracy and energy retention are advantageous when engaging targets like prairie dogs, groundhogs, coyotes, and other pests that can be found at longer ranges. However, as with any hunting scenario, shot placement and responsible firearm handling are crucial for ethical and effective varmint hunting.

      2 months ago
      Reply to  Warion

      Yeah! It is great for various varmint sizes. From smaller rodents to medium-sized predators, it seems to pack a punch without overdoing it. It’s a great option for folks who want a well-rounded varmint hunting cartridge.

        Mister N.
        Mister N.
        2 months ago
        Reply to  Warion

        I’d suggest starting with a more forgiving cartridge like .223 Remington for varmint hunting. Once you’re comfortable with your shooting skills and can manage a bit more recoil, then considering .223 WSSM could be a great step forward.

          2 months ago

          Hey there, fellow shooters! I’ve been wondering if anyone has tried using .223 WSSM in a semi-automatic rifle. I know it’s not the most common choice, but I’m curious about its performance in terms of reliability and recoil. Any insights would be appreciated!

            2 months ago
            Reply to  Krendon

            No, .223 WSSMis not commonly used in semi-automatic rifles.

            ⭕ The design of the .223 WSSM cartridge, with its short, wide case and high-pressure characteristics, doesn’t lend itself well to reliable functioning in most semi-automatic platforms. Additionally, the increased pressure and recoil of the .223 WSSM could potentially cause issues in semi-automatic rifles not designed to handle such factors.

            ✅ Semi-automatic rifles chambered in .223 Remington or 5.56x45mm NATO are more popular and practical choices for semi-automatic shooting applications due to their compatibility with a wide range of ammunition and firearm designs.

              2 months ago
              Reply to  Krendon

              I’d advise against using .223 WSSM in a semi-auto rifle, especially for those new to firearms. The potential for issues like increased recoil, wear on the rifle, and the likelihood of malfunctions can make the shooting experience frustrating and possibly unsafe.

                2 months ago

                I’ve been shooting .223 WSSM for a while now, and it’s been great for all-around plinking and varmint control. 

                  2 months ago

                  Hello! What firearms are compatible with .223 WSSM ammo?

                    2 months ago
                    Reply to  Yasya

                    💡 The .223 WSSM cartridge was originally introduced by Winchester for their Model 70 bolt-action rifles. These rifles were specifically chambered for the .223 WSSM cartridge. The cartridge’s unique design and characteristics make it less suitable for other firearm types, and it is not commonly found in other platforms such as semi-automatic rifles or handguns.

                    📛 It’s important to note that because the .223 WSSM is not as widely used as some other cartridges, the availability of firearms chambered in .223 WSSM might be limited, and there may not be as many options for compatible rifles compared to more popular cartridges like .223 Remington or 5.56x45mm NATO.