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What is 17 WSM Ammo? 🧐

Simply put, the 17 Winchester Super Magnum (WSM) is a rimfire rifle cartridge that packs a mighty punch. It was introduced in 2012 by Winchester, and boy, did it make a splash in the shooting community! The 17 WSM boasts impressive velocity and trajectory, making it perfect for varmint hunting and long-range shooting.


The .17 Winchester Super Magnum (.17 WSM) ammunition offers several notable advantages that make it a favourite among long-range shooters and small-game hunters.

  1. High Velocity: It offers extremely high velocities – faster than any other rimfire cartridge, reaching up to 3,000 feet per second. This allows for a flatter trajectory and less wind drift, making it highly effective for long-range shooting.
  2. Accuracy: With its high velocity and flat trajectory, it provides excellent accuracy, making it perfect for small-game hunting and varmint control.
  3. Low Recoil: Despite its high velocity, it has a relatively low recoil, making it more comfortable for extended shooting sessions.
  4. Versatility: This ammo is suited for a variety of firearms including bolt-action, semi-automatic, and single-shot rifles. This means it can be adapted to a range of shooting situations.
  5. Affordability: While this item is more expensive than some other rimfire cartridges, it is generally cheaper than centerfire ammunition, making it an economical choice for regular shooters.

Embracing the .17 WSM can thus offer a significant upgrade for those seeking improved performance in long-range shooting and small-game hunting.

Our Top Pick
Winchester VARMINT HE 17 WSM Ammo 25 Grain
Our studies indicate that this product is a true feat in rimfire ammunition technology, surpassing previous limits in this category. Its unparalleled speed, power, path, and resistance to wind drift make it a premium selection for shooting enthusiasts who expect the best from their rimfire rounds. While it may not be the most economical choice, the exceptional capabilities it offers validate the cost for those in search of an unparalleled shooting adventure.
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Full Metal Jacket (FMJ): FMJs are primarily used for target shooting and plinking. They are less expensive than other types, and they don’t expand upon impact, making them suitable for shooting at hard targets or steel plates. Soft Point: Soft point bullets are ideal for game hunting. They offer controlled expansion, which allows for a deep wound channel without causing excessive damage to the game. V-Max: This type is designed for rapid expansion upon impact, making it perfect for hunting small game and varmints. Its polymer tip and streamlined design contribute to its precision and long-range capabilities.
Polymer Tip: These rounds have a plastic tip that enhances the bullet’s ballistic coefficient, making it more aerodynamic and improving its long-range performance. They’re primarily used in hunting. Hollow Point: Known for their rapid expansion and shock effect, hollow point rounds are excellent for hunting and self-defence. They’re designed to mushroom upon impact, causing a larger wound channel in the target. Lead-Free: Environmentally conscious shooters will appreciate the lead-free variants, which maintain outstanding performance without leaving a trace.

Best 17 WSM Ammo Review


The .17 Winchester Super Magnum ammunition exudes distinct features that make it a reliable choice for diverse shooting activities.

  • ✴️ High-Speed Performance: This ammo is renowned for its speed. With a velocity reaching upwards of 3,000 feet per second, it surpasses all other rimfire cartridges in speed, contributing to its excellent long-range shooting capabilities.
  • ✴️ Superior Accuracy: Coupled with its high-speed performance, it offers unparalleled precision. Its flat trajectory aids in maintaining the course, ensuring the bullet reaches its target accurately. This is particularly useful for small-game hunting and varmint control.
  • ✴️ Low Recoil: One of the major advantages of .17 WSM ammunition is its low recoil. Despite the high velocity, shooters experience minimal kickback, allowing for more comfortable and controlled shooting, even during extended sessions.
  • ✴️ Versatility: This ammunition is adaptable and compatible with a wide array of firearms such as bolt-action, semi-automatic, and single-shot rifles. This versatility makes it an excellent choice for various shooting scenarios.
  • ✴️ Affordability: From an economics perspective, the .17 WSM is an attractive choice. While it’s slightly pricier than other rimfire cartridges, it still comes in cheaper than most centerfire ammunition, striking a balance between performance and cost.
  • ✴️ Variety in Type: The ammo is available in multiple types, including Hollow Point, Soft Point, Full Metal Jacket, and Polymer Tip, each catering to different shooting needs. This diversity further enhances its adaptability, allowing shooters to choose the most suitable ammunition type based on their requirements.

These key features work in synergy to provide the .17 WSM ammunition’s superior performance, making it a favoured choice for both long-range shooters and small-game hunters.

17 WSM Ammo Review | Best 17 WSM Ammo

#1 Winchester VARMINT HE 17 WSM Ammo 25 grain

Winchester VARMINT HE 17 Winchester Super Magnum Ammo 25 grain

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Today, we have the pleasure of introducing you to the revolutionary 17 Win Super Mag calibre. This remarkable ammunition is a true game-changer in the world of rimfire products, boasting unparalleled ballistic performance that leaves its competitors in the dust. Let’s dive into the captivating features that make this cartridge stand out from the crowd.

Our research has shown that it is a true marvel of rimfire engineering, pushing the boundaries of what we thought possible with this class of ammunition. Its unmatched velocity, energy, trajectory, and wind drift characteristics make it a top-tier choice for shooters who demand exceptional performance from their rimfire cartridges.  While it may not be the most budget-friendly option, its capabilities justify the investment for those seeking the ultimate shooting experience.

  • Unmatched Ballistic Superiority: It sets new benchmarks, outclassing all existing rimfire cartridges in terms of velocity, energy, trajectory, and wind drift characteristics. It delivers an extraordinary downrange performance that will leave you astonished.
  • Impressive Downrange Energy: With a staggering 2-1/2 times the downrange energy of the renowned 17 HMR, this ammunition packs a serious punch, making it ideal for various shooting applications, from small game hunting to target shooting.
  • Flatter Trajectory, Reduced Wind Drift: Experience the thrill of precision shooting with over 40% flatter trajectory and significantly reduced wind drift when compared to the 17 HMR.
  • The speed that Astounds: Being the fastest rimfire cartridge on the market, the 17 Win Super Mag leaves its competitors in awe with its lightning-fast velocity, ensuring your shots reach the target faster than ever before.
  • Recoil Sensitivity: While this product delivers impressive power, the increased energy may result in slightly more recoil compared to other rimfire cartridges. Shooters with recoil sensitivity should take this into account, especially during extended shooting sessions.

#2 Winchester VARMINT X LF 17 WSM Ammo 15 grain

Winchester VARMINT X LF 17 Winchester Super Magnum Ammo 15 grain

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Greetings, fellow hunters! Today, we are thrilled to present the highly anticipated 17WSM Varmint XP Lead-Free ammunition – the pinnacle of rimfire technology, now even faster! Crafted with predator and varmint hunters in mind, this exceptional ammunition is designed to meet the rigorous demands of your hunting adventures. Winchester combines their renowned dependability with cutting-edge technology, offering hunters the ultimate ammunition choice for pursuing a wide range of games, from agile prairie dogs to elusive coyotes.

Its unparalleled long-range performance, explosive impact, and fragmentation power make it a top-notch choice for those seeking precision and power in their hunting pursuits. While the price might be a consideration for some, the benefits in terms of performance and environmental responsibility make it a worthy investment for responsible hunters.

  • Unrivalled Long-Range Performance: Thanks to the precision-engineered polymer tip, this ammunition maximizes long-range shooting capabilities, ensuring your shots reach their target with remarkable accuracy and efficiency.
  • Explosive Impact: The sleek, lead-free core bullets are designed to be explosive upon impact, guaranteeing swift and effective takedowns of varmints and predators. This feature is vital for hunters who require precise and devastating terminal performance.
  • Fragmentation Power: The alloy jacket with an engineered sidewall profile ensures explosive fragmentation upon impact, enhancing the ammunition’s stopping power and making it highly effective for varmint and predator control.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Being lead-free, this ammunition is an environmentally conscious choice, reducing the risk of lead contamination and its impact on the ecosystem.
  • Limited Bullet Selection: As this ammunition is specifically designed for predator and varmint hunting, it might not be the most versatile choice for other shooting purposes. Hunters seeking a more all-around solution may need to explore additional ammunition options.

#3 Winchester VARMINT HV 17 WSM Ammo 20 grain

Winchester VARMINT HV 17 Winchester Super Magnum Ammo 20 grain

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Hey there, fellow shooting enthusiasts! Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to the revolutionary 17 Win Super Mag calibre, a true powerhouse that redefines the capabilities of rimfire ammunition. Our team had the privilege of testing this remarkable cartridge, and we couldn’t wait to share our findings with you. As we found the 17 Win Super Mag is a game-changer in the world of rimfire ammunition. Its ballistic superiority, impressive down-range energy, and precision-friendly characteristics make it a top choice for shooters and hunters seeking unparalleled performance. However, it’s essential to consider the cost, availability, and recoil sensitivity factors when deciding if this ammunition aligns with your shooting needs.

  • Unmatched Ballistic Performance: This product outperforms all existing rimfire products with its incredible velocity, energy, trajectory, and wind drift characteristics. This ammo raises the bar and sets new standards in rimfire shooting.
  • 50% Flatter Trajectory and Reduced Wind Drift: Precision is the name of the game, and this item does not disappoint. With a trajectory that remains an astonishing 50% flatter and reduced wind drift compared to the 17 HMR, hitting distant targets accurately becomes a breeze.
  • Lightning-Fast Performance: It propels rounds downrange with such speed that it’s bound to leave you in awe.
  • Cost Consideration: This high-level performance can result in a slightly higher price point compared to other rimfire options.

Reloading ⚙️

Reloading .17 Winchester Super Magnum is a precise process that requires attention to detail and respect for safety. Please note that this information is provided for theoretical understanding, and attempting to reload .17 WSM can be hazardous.

💠Materials Needed: The base requirements for reloading .17 WSM ammunition include empty brass cases, primers, gunpowder, projectiles, and reloading tools such as a reloading press, dies, and callipers for precise measurements.

  1. Inspecting the Casings: Begin by inspecting the spent .17 WSM casings. Look for any signs of damage, including splits, dents or deformations. Casings showing signs of damage should be discarded as they can be unsafe to use.
  2. Cleaning the Casings: After inspection, clean the casings thoroughly. A tumbler or ultrasonic cleaner can be used to remove residual dirt, grime, and gunpowder.
  3. Resizing the Casings: Once the casings are clean, they’ll need to be resized using the appropriate resizing die. This process ensures the casings will hold the bullet, primer, and gunpowder properly.
  4. Priming the Casings: Reposition the primer into the base of the casing. Be sure to choose the correct size and type of primer for your specific ammunition.
  5. Adding the Gunpowder: After the primer is in place, add a carefully measured quantity of gunpowder into each casing. The type and volume of gunpowder used can greatly impact the performance of the ammunition, so follow guidelines and recommendations closely.
  6. Seating the Projectile: The final step in reloading is seating the bullet into the casing. This is done using a bullet seating die.

As with all reloading efforts, it’s crucial to prioritize safety over all else and to follow manufacturers’ recommendations. While reloading can be a rewarding aspect of firearms ownership, it must be approached with caution and respect for the inherent risks involved.

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What are the primary uses of 17 WSM Ammo

🧐 The primary uses of this ammo are varmint hunting and pest control. It is also a good choice for target shooting, but its primary use is for hunting small game. It is a very fast cartridge, with muzzle velocities of up to 3,000 feet per second. This gives it excellent accuracy and long-range performance, making it a good choice for taking down small games at ranges up to 200 yards.

❕ The 17 WSM also has a lot of energy, which means that it can produce significant tissue damage. This makes it a good choice for varmint hunting, as it can quickly and humanely take down even the most difficult targets. Here are some of the specific types of varmints that are commonly hunted with this ammo:

  • Prairie dogs
  • Ground squirrels
  • Foxes
  • Coyotes
  • Rabbits
  • Squirrels

The 17 WSM is also a good choice for pest control, as it can be used to kill rodents and other small animals that can damage property or spread disease. If you are looking for a powerful and accurate rimfire cartridge for varmint hunting or pest control, the 17 WSM is a good option. It is a versatile cartridge that can be used for a variety of purposes, and it offers excellent performance at long ranges.

What type of firearms can I use with 17 WSM Ammo?

The .17 Winchester Super Magnum ammo is designed for use in a variety of firearms, specifically tailored to long-range shooting and small-game hunting.

  • ✔️ Bolt-Action Rifles: An array of bolt-action rifles are chambered for this ammo, known for their precision and reliability. Prominent examples include the Ruger 77/17, Franklin Armory F17 series, and the Savage B-Mag series.
  • ✔️ Semi-Automatic Rifles: Some semi-automatic rifles, such as the Volquartsen Semi-Auto 17 WSM and Franklin Armory F17 series, also accept .17 WSM cartridges. These allow for rapid follow-up shots, making them useful for both hunting and plinking.
  • ✔️ Single-Shot Rifles: Firearms like the Henry Repeating Arms Single-Shot Rifle in .17 WSM offer a challenge for hunters looking to test their skills with only one shot.
  • ✔️ Lever-Action Rifles: While rarer, there are lever-action rifles chambered in .17 WSM, like the Henry Repeating Arms Frontier model.

These firearms make the most of the .17 WSM’s high velocity and flat trajectory, providing superior performance at longer ranges compared to other rimfire cartridges. As always, ensure that any firearm you use is specifically chambered for this ammo to ensure safe and effective operation.

Can I hunt larger game with 17 WSM Ammo?

While the 17 Winchester Super Magnum Ammo boasts impressive velocity and accuracy, it’s essential to recognize its limitations.  This powerhouse rimfire cartridge is primarily designed for small game and varmint hunting—perfect for taking down pesky critters with ease! 🐿️

🚫  When it comes to larger games, such as deer or other substantial animals, the 17 Winchester Super MagnumAmmo may not provide the necessary stopping power for ethical and humane kills.  Its smaller bullet size and energy output aren’t ideal for such a game. For hunting larger game, it’s advisable to step up to a more suitable cartridge, like the 30-06, .270, or other centerfire rifle cartridges designed for the task.  Remember, responsible hunting ensures the well-being of both the hunter and the hunted.

So, while the 17 WSM Ammo is an excellent choice for precision shooting and small game hunting, leave the larger game to cartridges better equipped for the job! Happy hunting!

How to store ammo properly?

Properly storing ammunition is essential for maintaining its quality, safety, and longevity. Here’s a detailed guide on how to store ammo correctly:

  1. 📌 Choose a Suitable Location: Store ammunition in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated area. Excess heat and humidity can damage the cartridges and cause deterioration. Avoid storing ammo in areas prone to temperature extremes, such as attics or unheated garages.
  2. 📌 Use Proper Containers: Keep ammunition in its original factory packaging whenever possible. If the original box is damaged or not available, use new, quality, and sturdy plastic or metal ammo boxes. Individual cartridges can also be stored in ziplock bags, but avoid using cardboard boxes that might absorb moisture.
  3. 📌 Labelling and Organization: Clearly label the containers with the calibre, type, and date of purchase. This ensures you can easily identify and rotate your stock to use older ammo first.
  4. 📌 Dry Environment: Use moisture-absorbing desiccant packs or silica gel packs inside the storage containers to help control humidity. A dehumidifier in the storage area can also help maintain a dry environment.
  5. 📌 Ammo Racks or Shelves: Utilize sturdy ammo racks or shelves to keep the containers organized and off the ground. This prevents direct contact with concrete or other surfaces that may draw moisture.
  6. 📌 Keep Away from Chemicals: Avoid storing ammunition near any chemicals, solvents, or cleaning supplies that could react with the cartridge components and cause degradation.
  7. 📌 Security: Store ammunition in a locked container or a secure gun safe. This prevents unauthorized access and keeps it out of reach of children or potential thieves. Separate firearms and ammunition storage if possible, especially if you have a large stock.

From our experience, we recommend avoiding storing loose ammunition in random containers or mixed together. Always keep it organized and in proper containers. Besides we advise not to store ammunition in damp or wet areas, as moisture can cause corrosion and damage.  If you encounter damaged or corroded ammunition, do not attempt to use it. Dispose of it properly following local laws and regulations. Never store ammunition near open flames, heat sources, or flammable materials.

By following these guidelines, you can ensure your ammunition remains safe and reliable for extended periods. Remember that ammunition is not indestructible and has a shelf life, so it’s essential to periodically inspect your stock and replace any questionable rounds.

Is 17 WSM Ammo suitable for beginners in shooting?

The suitability of 17 Winchester Super Magnum ammunition for beginners in shooting depends on several factors, including the individual’s experience level, physical capabilities, and shooting goals.

🟣 Advantages for beginners:

  1. Low Recoil: It has relatively low recoil compared to larger rifle calibres, making it more manageable for beginners, especially those with less shooting experience.
  2. High Velocity and Flat Trajectory: The 17 WSM offers high muzzle velocities and a flatter trajectory, which can make it easier for beginners to hit targets accurately at longer distances.
  3. Fun and Versatile: Shooting can be enjoyable due to its increased accuracy and versatility in various shooting activities, including target shooting and varmint hunting.

🔴 However, there are some considerations for beginners to keep in mind:

This ammo tends to be more expensive than some other common calibres. This can make it less affordable for beginners who are just starting and may not want to invest heavily in ammunition.

Besides the availability of firearms might be limited compared to more popular calibres. This could potentially restrict the choices of firearms for beginners.

Please remember that while this ammo has relatively low recoil, it can still produce a loud report. Proper hearing protection should always be used while shooting, regardless of the calibre being used. Safety rules must also be strictly followed, and beginners should be well-versed in firearm safety before shooting any calibre.

🧐 Ultimately, the suitability of 17 WSM ammo for beginners will depend on the individual’s specific circumstances, preferences, and available resources. If a beginner is interested in shooting with 17 WSM, it’s crucial to seek proper instruction and practice safe shooting habits at all times.

Conclusion 🏁

And there you have it, fellow marksmen and markswomen! The world of ammo is as diverse and thrilling as a rodeo show.  From its impressive advantages and various types to its outstanding features and reloading potential, 17 WSM is a force to be reckoned with in the shooting world.  So, whether you’re after precision on the range or seeking the thrill of varmint hunting, the Best 17 Winchester Super Magnum Ammo will undoubtedly deliver! Happy shooting, and may your aim always be true!

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5 months ago

As an environmentally conscious shooter, I appreciated the lead-free options of 17 WSM Ammo. The ammo maintained impressive performance without leaving a harmful impact on the environment.

    5 months ago

    Can I use 17 WSM Ammo for target shooting and plinking?

      5 months ago
      Reply to  Gideon

      Absolutely! In fact, many shooters enjoy the accuracy and precision of 17 WSM Ammo for target shooting and plinking fun. It’s an excellent choice for challenging yourself at longer distances.

        5 months ago

        The 17 WSM Ammo I used was an absolute game-changer! The blistering speed and laser-flat trajectory ensured my shots hit their mark with incredible precision. Varmint hunting has never been this exhilarating! It delivered devastating energy transfer upon impact, making quick work of those pesky critters.

          5 months ago

          Hello. How far can I accurately shoot with 17 WSM Ammo?

            5 months ago
            Reply to  Picard

            🛑 With its flat trajectory and high velocity, 17 WSM Ammo can maintain accuracy at distances up to 200-300 yards, making it ideal for small game and varmint hunting.

              5 months ago

              Hello everyone, I’m currently looking to upgrade my 17 caliber rifle as I’ve outgrown my trusty 17 hmr. The hmr has served me well over the years with its accuracy, but I can’t help but notice how easily the wind affects my shots. Recently, I’ve come across the 17 wsm and heard quite a few promising things about its performance. Could anyone share their experience regarding its accuracy, wind resistance and overall performance compared to a 17 hmr? Another concern of mine is the scarcity of ammunition for this caliber. It seems like an excellent rimfire option but I’m concerned about the possibility of it being discontinued. Does anyone have any information about when these rounds will be restocked in stores? Appreciate your help.

                5 months ago
                Reply to  Assigner

                Choosing between 17 HMR and 17 WSM can be a tough decision, like picking between two thrilling adventures!Let’s break down the qualities of each to help you make the right choice for your shooting preferences: 🔍

                🌿 17 HMR (Hornady Magnum Rimfire):

                Advantages: Known for its excellent accuracy, 17 HMR is a fantastic choice for small game hunting and target shooting. It offers lower recoil, making it beginner-friendly, and ammunition is widely available.
                Considerations: The effective range is shorter than 17 WSM, and it might not perform as well in windy conditions. It’s also slightly slower in velocity compared to 17 WSM.

                💨 17 WSM (Winchester Super Magnum):
                Advantages: 17 WSM is the speed demon of the two, offering flatter trajectory, higher velocity, and impressive energy transfer. It’s excellent for varmint hunting and long-range shooting.
                Considerations: The higher velocity may result in increased recoil compared to 17 HMR, and it might be slightly costlier per round. Ammunition availability could be limited in some regions.

                👉 Choosing the Right One:
                Distance and Game: If you’re looking for a caliber for varmint hunting and long-range precision shooting, 17 WSM’s velocity and flat trajectory make it a top choice.
                Beginner-Friendly: If you’re a beginner or prefer a more gentle shooting experience, 17 HMR’s lower recoil and excellent accuracy are great starting points.
                Ammo Availability: Consider the availability and cost of ammunition in your area, as this could influence your decision.
                Versatility: If you plan to shoot at varying distances and engage in both target shooting and varmint hunting, 17 WSM’s versatility might be the ticket.

                  5 months ago
                  Reply to  Assigner

                  If you manage to find a high-quality .17wsm and are able to secure a good stockpile of ammunition, this firearm can prove to be exceptional.

                    5 months ago
                    Reply to  Assigner

                    While I’ve had positive experiences with the .17 WSM in four different rifles, I’m inclined to recommend the .17 HMR instead. I’ve not encountered any ignition issues with two VQs, an 1885, and a Ruger in the .17 WSM, but it does have a higher noise level. Additionally, the .17 HMR provides more options in terms of rifles and its ammunition is more commonly available, which you might find convenient if you are already familiar with it.

                      5 months ago
                      Reply to  Assigner

                      The 17hmr, as discussed earlier, proved to be problematic based on a friend’s experience. Over a period of a month, we encountered the issues mentioned before, reinforcing Gerald’s point about the ‘ifs’. For my taste, there are too many conditional factors. However, I own four 17hmr units and they’ve been performing admirably.