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Andres Hot asked 2 years ago
Can you remove AR 15 stock?

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Antony answered 2 years ago

For most AR-15 stocks, you will need a castle nut wrench and a carbine buffer tube wrench. If you have an aftermarket stock, there may be a different procedure required.

How to remove AR 15 stock?

1) First, remove the pistol grip from the lower receiver. There are two screws on the underside that secure it in place.

2) Next, use the castle nut wrench to unscrew the castle nut from the buffer tube. This is located at the rear of the stock.

3) Now use the carbine buffer tube wrench to unscrew the carbine buffer tube from the lower receiver. It is located at the front of the stock. The buffer tube will likely be stubborn and stuck tight, so you may need to use some force.

4) Once the buffer tube is removed, you can now pull the stock off of the lower receiver.

5) To install the new stock, simply reverse these steps. First screw in the new buffer tube, then tighten down the castle nut. Finally, replace the pistol grip. Now your AR-15 should have a new stock that is properly secured.

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Ivan Staff answered 2 years ago

Here’s a quick rundown on how to remove AR 15 stock:

To remove the stock from your AR-15, you’ll first need to take out the action spring and buffer tube assembly by unscrewing the retaining plate at the back of the receiver. Once that’s done, you can push the buttstock forward and off the receiver.

Next, you’ll need to remove the handguards. On most AR-15 rifles, this is done by simply unscrewing a couple of screws or bolts that hold them in place. Once the handguards are off, you should be able to see the gas tube that runs along the top of the barrel.

To remove the gas tube, you’ll first need to take out the gas block by unscrewing it from the barrel. Once the gas block is out of the way, you can slide the gas tube off the rifle.

How to remove AR 15 stock?

Lewis Staff answered 2 years ago

Removing the stock from your AR 15 is relatively simple and only takes a few minutes.

First, make sure that your gun is unloaded and that there is no ammunition in the vicinity.

Once you’ve verified that the gun is safe, locate the two pins that secure the stock to the receiver – these will be located on either side of the stock near the rear of the gun.

Using a punch or similar tool, drive out the pins and remove the stock.

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Olson Staff answered 2 years ago

You can use a hex key to remove the screw that holds the stock in place, or you can use a wrench if there’s enough space. Some stocks also have pins that need to be removed before the stock can be pulled off. It’s best to consult your gun’s owner’s manual for specific instructions on how to remove the stock.

How to remove AR 15 stock?