FAQ – Questions & AnswersCategory: 1911 Pistol FAQAre 1911 magazines universal?
Nick asked 2 years ago
Do all 1911 magazines fit all 1911?

5 Answers
Ivan Staff answered 2 years ago
1911 magazines are not universally compatible with one another. Several factors can make one 1911 magazine incompatible with another, including manufacturer, caliber, and capacity.
Are 1911 magazines universal?
That said, some companies make what are known as “universal” 1911 magazines. These magazines claim to be compatible with a wide range of 1911s, regardless of manufacturer or caliber. However, it’s always best to do your research to be sure that a particular universal magazine will work with your gun.
Even if you find a universal magazine that looks like it should fit your gun, it’s important to test it out before using it in real-world situations.

Olson Staff answered 2 years ago
1911 magazines are not universal.
There are many different types and brands of 1911 magazines on the market, and each one is designed to work with a specific type of gun. Some brands will work with multiple types of guns, but others are much more specific. When choosing a magazine for your 1911, be sure to consult your gun’s manufacturer to ensure compatibility.
Are 1911 magazines universal?

Lewis Staff answered 2 years ago
1911 magazines are not universal. There are a few different types of 1911 magazines, and each gun manufacturer typically has its proprietary magazine design. So, unless you have a specific 1911 magazine that is made for your gun, it will not work.
That said, there are aftermarket companies that make universal 1911 magazines, which will work with most guns. These magazines are typically made from a higher-quality material than the original manufacturer’s mags, and they often come with a lifetime warranty.
So, if you’re looking for a quality 1911 magazine that will work with most guns, then I would recommend checking out some of the aftermarket options available.

Cruz Staff answered 2 years ago
Given the wide variety of 1911s on the market, it’s not surprising that there is no one “universal” magazine for this popular handgun. There are, however, several well-made aftermarket magazines available that will work with most 1911s.
Are 1911 magazines universal?
The first thing to consider when shopping for a new magazine for your 1911 is compatibility. Make sure to check that the magazine you’re considering will work with your particular gun. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to compatible options, you can start thinking about capacity and other features.
Most aftermarket 1911 magazines have a capacity of 8 rounds or more, which is an improvement over the standard 7-round factory magazines.

Jordan Staff answered 2 years ago
There are a lot of different 1911 magazines on the market, and they’re not all interchangeable. You need to be sure to get the right magazine for your gun.
That said, most 1911 magazines are pretty universal in terms of fit and function. As long as you get a good quality magazine from a reputable manufacturer, it should work well in your gun. Just make sure to check the specs before you buy.